PLATO: Participatory Learning and Teaching Organization

The name and acronym—Participatory Learning and Teaching Organization, or PLATO—define us well.

PLATO is a self-directed, volunteer-led, nonprofit organization serving more than 900 lifelong learners living in and around Dane County.  Most members are approaching or actively enjoying retirement.  All share a passion for learning and a desire to stay engaged with the world and with others who share their interests. No formal education or university affiliation is necessary to join. Click here to learn about donating to the PLATO Scholarship fund.

If you enjoy self-directed, volunteer-led lifelong learning, PLATO is an ideal way to learn, contribute to others’ learning, enjoy new experiences, and meet new friends.

Members enjoy:

  • 30 or more participatory courses each fall and spring
  • Lectures, socials and special events
  • Guest Courtesy Card from UW Libraries (a $50 value)
  • Member newsletter, weekly emails, and program catalogs

Plato is about more than information.  It’s about interactions.  Meet other people with curious minds through classes, special events, bus trips, and member committees.

“We especially value the in-depth friendships we’ve already made, the intelligent curiosity and openness of the people we’ve met, and the wide range of classes.”

For more information about PLATO contact:

Louise Fowler
UW-Madison Continuing Studies
21 N. Park St, 7th Floor, Madison, WI  53715
Phone:  608-262-5823
Fax: 608-265-4555