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Senior Learning Opportunities at UW–Madison

Connecting senior adults to campus for the joy of learning!

The Senior Learning Program in UW–Madison Continuing Studies coordinates programs and establishes partnerships that meet the learning and enrichment needs of age 50+ adults in the greater Madison area and beyond.

“I wanted to reconnect with my university and continue my studies now that I am retired. I also thought it might offer me the opportunity to meet new, interesting friends.”

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Senior Learning Programs / PLATO
UW–Madison Continuing Studies
21 N. Park St, 7th Floor
Madison, WI 53715
Phone: 608-262-1156 • Fax: 608-265-4555
E-mail: info@dcs.wisc.edu

Continuing Studies offerings

Continuing Studies offers senior learners many opportunities to engage your mind, including:

  • Noncredit classes where you can join others learning history, languages, writing and more.
  • Senior Guest Auditing of UW–Madison Courses. Wisconsin residents (as defined by state statute) age 60+ can audit non-participatory lecture courses at UW–Madison for free with the instructor’s approval. (Note: this does not include discussion or lab sections.) Wisconsin residents under 60 may audit credit courses for a per-credit fee. Admission to the university and instructor approval are required before auditors can enroll.
  • PLATO (Participatory Learning And Teaching Organization) is a senior learning organization that offers opportunities for members to actively engage their minds and connect with each other through participatory learning experiences.
  • Eloquence and Eminence is an award-winning lecture series by retired UW faculty known for their teaching excellence and scholarship.

Other opportunities include

  • Wednesday Nite at the Lab: Explore the unknown every Wednesday night. Discover the latest from UW–Madison researchers as they describe their investigations and inventions.

Resources for senior learners

  • PLATO is a nonprofit organization serving more than 1,200 lifelong learners living in and around Dane County. All of our members share a passion for learning and a desire to stay engaged with the world and with others who share their interests. PLATO is an ideal way to learn, contribute to others’ learning, enjoy new experiences and meet new friends. No formal education or university affiliation is necessary to join.
  • The UW Retirement Association is a membership organization for retired faculty and staff. The association promotes the interests, health, and welfare of its members through a diverse program of activities and information, including presentations on topics of interest to retired members. The annual membership fee is $20.
  • Wisconsin Alumni Lifelong Learning offers UW alumni and friends a campus connection through educational programs, including the annual Grandparents University®.

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