A line of headshots portraying several different careers such as nurses, construction workers, firefighters and more.

School for Workers

Who We Are

Started in 1925 as one of the first operational components of the Wisconsin Idea, the School for Workers is the original university-based labor education program in the United States. Our faculty and staff are experts in their labor-related fields, and have long brought teaching, research, and service throughout Wisconsin, the nation and the world.


Angela Kron, Marketing, Outreach and Recruitment Specialist

What We Do

School for Workers is committed to a just and equitable society rooted in economic democracy, in which all workers have a meaningful impact in their workplaces and communities. Through teaching, research, and service, the school continues as a catalyst of labor rights through advancing the empowerment of working people, labor organizations, and community partners.

Our team

Liz Camacho

Position title: Office & Program Manager

Michael Childers

Position title: Professor and Co-Director

Armando Ibarra

Position title: Professor

Angela Kron

Position title: Marketing and Engagement Manager

Alexia Kulwiec

Position title: Associate Professor

Lola Loustaunau

Position title: Assistant Professor

Donald Taylor

Position title: Professor and Co-Director

Ericka Wills

Position title: Assistant Professor