Instructor Spotlight: Kathy Germann

Written by Katrina Rust

On the Web site for Kathy Germann's consulting firm, she includes the thought: "Imagine a world where we approached each other with curious minds and open hearts, embraced our common differences, and used conflict creatively."

Germann provides training, consulting services, and workshops with the goal of making this vision a reality.

Kathy Germann"I want to be part of co-creating the kind of community that I want to actually live and work in. For the last 25 plus years I've seen the possibility of what can happen when people engage with that intention, and there's nothing better."

Germann started her training and consulting firm in Madison 16 years ago in order to do the work she felt called to do. Her experience in the Office of Women's Services at Ohio State University during her graduate studies inspired her to develop a career focused on social justice and conflict resolution.

"What I really loved was working with people in a learning community. I felt most creative and alive when I got to be in a teaching role," Germann says.

Through teaching Germann brings her services to for-profit and non-profit organizations including education, health care, law enforcement, faith communities, and the business sector.

Diversity training--what she prefers to call "inclusivity"—explores how people behave around differences, while encouraging uncompromising dignity and respect. When an organization or community is struggling with a conflict, Germann helps rebuild trust by promoting compassion and integrity. Team development focuses on building collaboration among members' multiple perspectives and skills.

In UW-Madison's workshops, Germann offers similar training on a variety of diversity, communication skills and conflict resolution topics. In these programs, she creates a learner-centered environment designed to engage people who have different learning styles. Reflection and idea exchange create greater self-awareness and support skill development for maintaining effective relationships, she says.

The workshops provide a safe environment to work hard and learn, but Germann also brings a good sense of humor and encourages participants to have fun.

"If you can't have fun changing the world, it's not worth changing," she says.

If you're interested in improving relationships with co-workers, family, or friends check out Kathy Germann's workshops today.