Science and Technology

Science News

Why Files — science behind the news
News at UW-Madison
Science outreach portal
Fun facts about science pop quiz

Atmospheric and Space Sciences

Astronomy outreach and services

  • Scopes for schools — public outreach, curriculum development, and teacher professional development in astronomy
  • Universe in the Park — astronomy outreach at Wisconsin State Parks
  • UW Space Place — featuring atmospheric and space sciences
  • Washburn Observatory

Space Science and Engineering Center — education and outreach
Space Science Education, Office of
Wisconsin Idea national network — education and research in the space sciences
Weather and other meteorological resources


Exploring the Nanoworld — science education for teachers and students exploring the world of atoms


Biotrek — the outreach program of the Biotechnology Center
Bottle Biology — using recyclable containers to learn about science and the environment
Fast Plants Butterfly — using the white cabbage butterfly in inquiry-based science
Wisconsin Fast Plants — using fast growing plants for inquiry-based investigations and for learning about plant biology.

Botany, Gardens and Greenhouses

Allen Centennial Gardens
Arboretum programs — for families and youth, including the Earth Partnership Program
Botanical Garden
Botany resources and images — includes trees, foliage, fungi and more
DC Smith Greenhouse
Wisconsin State Herbarium — a museum collection of dried, labeled plants of state, national and international interest.


Chemical of the Week
Students Participating in Chemistry Education (SPICE)
ICE Fun With Forensic Chemistry Camp — two-week summer camps for 5-8 grades
Institute for Chemical Education — resources for science educators
JCE High School Chemed Learning Information Center (CLIC) — resources for high school chemistry teachers
Journal of Chemical Education Digital Library — resources for chemistry teachers at all levels
Molecule of the Month — manipulate molecules using a Web browser (requires MDL Chime plug-in)
Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakashiri — exciting chemistry demonstrations designed to pique your interest
Virtual Museum of Minerals and Molecules — for instructional use
Women and Minority Chemists — biographical "snapshots" provide information about their work, gender, ethnicity and cultural background.

Diversity Opportunities in the Sciences

Midwest Alliance in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math — Mentoring and internship opportunities for students with disabilities pursuing or interested in pursuing a degree in a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) field. Open to grades 9-12 as well as college-level students and alumni. Stipends available.
Wisconsin Alliance for Minority Participation (WiscAMP)


Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) — Cellulosic ethanol and other biofuels development. K-16 activities development; public speakers available.


Caterpillar Cam — a resource for teachers and lab for students using the tobacco hornworm
Insect Ambassadors — interactive presentations about insects for classrooms and other venues
Insect Research Collection


K-12 engineering outreach program — sends undergraduate students to area schools to talk about science and technology

Environment and Ecology

Long-Term Ecological Research — working to gain a predictive understanding of the ecology of lakes


Geology Museum — outreach, research and collections
Paleontology Experiences for Teachers

Great Lakes, Marine Sciences and Oceanography

Great Lakes and marine science educational programs from Sea Grant
Great Lakes and marine sciences outreach and communications programs from Sea Grant
UW Sea Grant Kids + Teachers Web Site — features educational sites to learn about the Great Lakes and your environment

Information Technology

Information Technology Academy — precollege technology training for students of color from the Madison area
Technology and the Arts — for middle school students grades 5-8
UW-Madison Summer Tech Camp — for kids and teens


Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections
Primate Info Net — contains educational resources, an audiovisual archive, and Ask Primate


Wisconsin Mathematics, Engineering and Science Talent Search — providing problem sets to high school and middle school students to foster problem solving and interest in math, science and engineering


Wonders of Physics — generating interest in physics among people of all ages and backgrounds
Wonders of Physics traveling show

Science Education

WISCIENCE (Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement) — science education for K-12 and undergraduate level

Science Enrichment and Research Apprenticeships

College for Kids — enhancement program
Saturday Enrichment Program — for grades 1-8


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