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  After earning my BA in Theatre and Drama from UW Madison I decided to continue my education. I have taken a very enriching Figure Drawing through your Continuing Studies and am currently in the process of enrolling in Celtic Music Traditions.
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  • June-July 2020
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Artist's Statement
  Two Evenings is a heartfelt and nostalgic meeting of two very special times and places in my life. I merged two photographs into one surrealistic dreamscape to help me relive those memories. It was birthed by this artist during several long and intense yet strangely calming sessions, by using mixed media consisting of oil paint and tempera. On the left of my painting the viewer will enjoy a magnificent sunset scene which I viewed from my balcony one chilly autumn evening 10 years ago while I was waiting for my daughter to pick me up for a theater shift at Wisconsin Union Theater in Memorial Union. On the right of my painting the viewer will most likely recognize an impressionistically conceived corner of Memorial Union peeking out from the bushes and overshadowed by Maxfield Parrish-esque clouds also at sunset, as my son and I approached the building on that warm summer evening 5 years ago. I have worked at Memorial Union since 1995 and this painting shows the love I feel for the memories of those times. A canvas I created of my painting now hangs in Memorial Union on the lower level on the wall in the office of my longtime employer whose name is Joe Boss, He generously offered to display it and graciously commented as he arranged for it to be hung, "I've been wanting some artwork for my office!" His contact information is: phone number: 6087282224. e-mail address:
Another copy hangs in the rental office of the building where I have lived for the past 25 years. The original 36×50 painting, which I completed in April 2019, now hangs regally in the hallway of my apartment. and literally floods my heart with warm memories each time I look at it. I hope you will find pleasure in looking this work of my heart.
I have taken Figure Drawing as a Continuing Studies course and am currently enrolling for Celtic Music Traditions. Whenever I look at my painting, I am reminded of the love I have always held in my heart for Memorial Union through the years.
Warm wishes to all who view my painting, Mari LaFore
phone: 608-251-2150 E-mail: mslafore@hotmail
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