Intermediate French Language and Culture (U400-227)

Work at your own pace to complete this university-level course. Intermediate French Language and Culture (U400-227) is required study for a major in French in most degree programs nationwide and may also count towards general requirements in the humanities. This course offers you the chance to study at your own pace, in your own home, and still enjoy one-on-one interaction with your instructor via e-mail. Before you enroll, please check with your degree granting-institution to confirm they will accept this transfer credit.

In this course, students enrich their written skills in French by using key vocabulary and expressions in compositions and reviewing essential grammatical structures through directed exercises designed to improve their ability to express themselves in French. Students also develop cultural knowledge of France by reading short literary and cultural selections on relevant topics.

Unit topics

  • Le portrait  (La Rochfoucauld, Francis Ponge)
  • La description narrative (Françoise Mallet-Joris)
  • Une fable (La Fontaine, La Cigale et la fourmi)
  • Opinions et idées  « Cinq astuces pour économiser l’énergie durablement », « A table »)
  • Révision (rédactions corrigées)
  • Le resumé de texte (Claude Lévi-Strauss)
  • Un conte de fée moderne (Marcel Aymé)
  • Révision (rédactions corrigées)
  • Rédactions finales et synthèse

Written assignments

This course has 9 written assignments. All require you to write one or more compositions, and most also require you to complete directed vocabulary and grammar activities. See the Independent Learning catalog for more details, a course syllabus, registration information, and related courses.

Required Course materials  

picture of course guide Course guide (available through the course website)
picture of book cover L'Essentiel de la grammaire française, 3rd ed., by Hoffmann and Schultz (Prentice Hall, 1995), or later edition
picture of book cover Larousse Pocket Dictionary (2009)
picture of book cover Robert Micro (Robert, 2008)

Optional course materials  

picture of book cover



Schaum's Outline of French Grammar, by Coffman Crocker, latest edition

How it works

After you've registered for the course and purchased your textbook(s), you will receive access to a faculty-authored course guide which carefully leads you through the material of the course. You complete a series of assignments, and receive personalized instructor feedback on each one before progressing to the next. You have one year from your registration date to complete the course, and most students finish in less time.

How to enroll

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