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Facilitating By Heart: Testimonials

“This series has given the participants from my company skills and take-away materials that are immediately applicable. The effect has been tremendous personal and professional growth. There has been a positive ripple effect in our organization among the people we work with.”

Rob Van Nevel, Senior Vice President & Member Solutions Officer, UW Credit Union

Retired Capital Area Regional Planning Commission Deputy Director and Director of Environmental Resources Planning, Kamran Mesbah, on how his “Facilitating by Heart” training was a “truly transformative experience.”

Project Manager with UW Health at The American Center Stephanie Sobczak on how “Facilitating by Heart” can teach anyone to be an authentic leader.

UW–Shared Services Training Coordinator Shoko Miyagi on how “Facilitating by Heart” training creates more warm, well-rounded humans in the workplace.

 I’ve never taken a course where every single component was so well thought out, executed, and served a purpose. Thank you for creating and giving such value to this broad professional community. 

Kelly Maynard, Cooperative Development Specialist, UW Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems & UW Center for Cooperatives

 Kathy and Denise are a dynamic duo. Their energy, knowledge, and ability to foster group development is masterful. 

Emily Utzerath, Associate Director, UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

 This process has deepened my understanding of myself and has given me skills, confidence, and inspiration to ‘work differently’. The positive feedback from peers and the successes at work have been immediate and genuine. This stuff works! 

Katie Myhre, Former Program Development Manager, RISE