Karen Loper

  Karen Loper
  50 Hollywood Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53713
United States
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  (608) 807-7504
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  I have participated in many WRAP art shows and took the Art as A Business class. Had a show at 21 North Park 7th Floor gallery a few years ago.
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Artist's Statement
  These collages are made from rescued discarded office labels, carton shipping labels, and charity request "free" address labels. I started doing small 4" x 6" pieces at work as a way to stay awake during 12 hour night shifts. Then the company started throwing poster board away 12" x 24" and I had to start working at home. The number motif started when I was making a tree with 4's and thought —WHAT IF I USE ALL FOUR'S–all sizes? Then I made gifts of Birthday numbers, Wedding day numbers, and the birth-death-life words and numbers memorial. My nephews gave me their left over model decoration materials. My friends gave me the stickers sheets left behind by grand kids. Aldi's stores have neat colored box tops. My cleaning sites ordered food in and the pretty boxes did not make it to the dumpster. My "Crazy With Eights" piece hung in the UW AG building lobby for a year. I have had two exhibits at the UW Hospital complex. My "Maker's Journey" exhibit hung in UW-Baraboo's Schwalbach Gallery. The People's Art Collective also hosted 55 of my works of various sizes in 2009.
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