Educational Innovation: Extending UW-Madison’s Reach through Quality Online Post-Baccalaureate Programs

As more post-baccalaureate students seek choice on how and where they learn and as education evolves and grows richer through new technologies, distance education is changing the landscape of higher education.

UW-Madison is uniquely positioned to extend its reach and reputation by offering quality online post-baccalaureate programs. We have internationally recognized faculty that are planning online courses and programs to share their expertise with graduate students around the world, and non-traditional students from around the globe and within sectors of the economy who want to further their education but are unable to be physically present on campus in the “traditional” mode.

Quality online post-baccalaureate programs provide opportunities to extend our reach to new post-traditional audiences to provide educational opportunities that are not part of our usual program array. Well-designed and facilitated online education provides the opportunity to re-think teaching and learning to become even more learner-centered, collaborative, and interactive.

Through Educational Innovation initiatives, collaborative efforts are taking place across the university to ensure quality through faculty development, student preparation, and research-based design and teaching strategies. In addition, systematic processes are in place or are being developed to effectively develop, deliver, and evaluate high quality, reusable, and scalable online courses and programs.

Full Report

The above introduction is an in excerpt of a document that provides a brief research overview and summary of UW-Madison processes to build quality online courses and programs. This document also shares how units, divisions, schools, and colleges are working together to support faculty and instructional academic staff to be successful with online teaching and learning and provides a few examples and success stories. See full text here (pdf).