What is Educational Innovation?development framework

Developing new approaches to curriculum and research, Educational Innovation (EI) is a campus-wide initiative to set the university on the path to greater self-sufficiency.

How will EI work?

A coordinated effort, Educational Innovation will help create a sustained campus environment by:

  • Improving university capacities
  • Generating new resources to enhance student learning
  • Reinforcing research excellence

One of the central goals of the Educational Innovation initiative is designing and delivering degrees and certificates that attract new post-traditional audiences to educational opportunities.
The EI initiative will attract new, post-traditional audiences by:

  • Offering degree and certificate programs not a part of our usual curriculum
  • Providing high quality learning opportunities in accessible formats, which include evening, weekend, online programs

Be an agent for change.

The Department of Continuing Studies Education Innovation Program Development team can help you develop a post-traditional degree or certificate program based on your ideas and areas of expertise.

About the EI Program Development Team.

As a part of UW-Madison’s Continuing Studies Department, the EI Program Development team is a service unit whose purpose is to help academic departments explore serving post-traditional audiences. Our experts are available to assist faculty and staff in the creation of accessible, high-quality post-baccalaureate degrees and certificates.

Educational Innovation Program Development Brochure

Learn more about the Department of Continuing Studies EI Program Development team by downloading the Educational Innovation Program Development brochure (pdf). Don’t forget to share it with your colleagues!