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Academic Planning

Our goal is to assist you in designing and delivering degrees and certificates that attract new, post-traditional audiences to unique educational opportunities. We will work with you throughout the entire academic planning and implementation process to ensure your academic programs fit the needs of your intended students.

The EI Program Development team uses a systematic approach to new program development that has as its main goal high quality, reusable, scalable courses and programs.

Project Management

A project manager will assist you and your team with:

  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Developing and keeping your project on schedule
  • Setting and meeting project goals and objectives
  • Management of the support team and other resources necessary for your project success

Overall, we provide the planning and organizational support needed to keep your program on track. We also manage the support staff team throughout your program’s implementation phase.

Market Analysis for Nontraditional Programs

Continuing Studies will help campus units understand the market potential for new program ideas by conducting the following market analysis activities:

  • Competitive Analysis: Understand the competitive dynamics at national, regional, and industry-specific levels.
  • Employment Projections: Determine the projected employment growth for occupations related to new programs
  • Employer Interviews: Gauge employer interest in new program ideas and understand the industry desired skill-sets
  • Prospective Student Surveys: Assess student demand for new programs
  • Secondary Research: In addition, secondary research studies and trend data can be accessed through a membership with the Education Advisory Board’s Continuing and Online Education Forum.

Continuing Studies will work closely with campus units through the market analysis process to assess market demand as well as uncover any new insights to enhance the program.

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Marketing strategists will help you to:

  • Evaluate your target audience by identifying those most likely to benefit from, and enroll, in your program
  • Create a positioning statement that accurately identifies your competitive advantage and aligns with the needs of your target audience
  • Develop key consumer messages and set communications standards that speak to your potential customers and move them to action
  • Establish a marketing plan and tactics that are tailored to your audience
  • Create a tactical matrix to promote your program
  • Set clear marketing objectives and metrics to define success
  • Coordinate initial marketing services (writing, design, etc)

Continuing Studies’ marketing strategists take a hands-on approach. They will meet with your team to help assemble resources and align messages with the University of Wisconsin-Madison brand. As they learn more about your product, our experts will consult with you to design a dynamic marketing plan that meets your enrollment goals. They will also help you uncover new ways to reach your target audience and provide budgeting recommendations for a 3-year marketing plan based off of these tactics.

Financial and Budget Planning and Financial Support

Utilizing program revenue funding models is extremely important when working with new, nontraditional student audiences. Funding Sources and New Revenue Opportunities provides information about new course development and program revenue models. It also contains materials from the campus-wide Educational Innovation effort and is a great source for additional information regarding nontraditional audiences and program revenue opportunities.

Continuing Studies provides fiscal support to credit and noncredit programming for nontraditional audiences. This support incorporates various funding mechanisms, including—but not limited to—Fund 103 and Fund 104 funding in partnership with UW-Extension.

Student Services for non-traditional audiences

Continuing Studies' Adult Career and Special Student Services (ACSSS) provides assistance with admission of special groups of nontraditional students. This includes the Visiting International Student Program (VISP), for undergraduate, graduate, or dissertator-level international students wishing to pursue non-degree study at UW-Madison outside of a traditional exchange program.

Contact Sarah Stilp, ( if you have questions about admitting or supporting nontraditional audiences.