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Philosophy Courses

Our distance learning program in Philosophy offers you the flexibility and convenience of taking a philosophy class at “your pace, your place” from experienced, highly qualified, and caring instructors.

Philosophy courses are a requirement of many degree programs and are a popular elective. The flexible pace of our distance education history courses allows you to fully absorb the material and enjoy the experience. Geography courses may earn up to 3 university-level credits (seek pre-approval from your department or institute). Classes are available online.

Introduction to Philosophy (Online, 4 Credits)

Welcome to Introduction to Philosophy, a four-credit university-level course. This course includes an introduction to: the subject of philosophy and its subfields; free will and determinism; theories of morality and justice; the existence of God and the problem of evil; mind and matter, skepticism and certainty. Our aim is to think rationally and critically about rival views on these topics. We do so by assessing arguments offered by Anselm, Aquinas, Descartes, Hume, Kant, Mill, Rawls et al. and-as a result-hone our skills in critical thinking and argumentation.

Philosophy Facilitator:

David Werther