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Latin Courses

Our distance learning programs in Latin offer you the flexibility and convenience of learning a language at “your pace, your place” from experienced, highly qualified, and caring instructors.

Whether you are looking for a beginning Latin course or an introduction to Latin Literature study, our distance education courses can fulfill your needs. Classes are available by correspondence.

Greek and Latin Origins of Medical Terms (Online, 3 Credits)

As we study the Greek and Latin origins of medical terminology, we hope to steer between the two extremes of an excessively abstract study of word origins and a too-narrow, memorize-the-word-lists approach. While it is true that technical terminologies confront the student with a daunting number of words to know, it is equally true that a proper methodology for analyzing and understanding new terms can reduce an otherwise onerous task to a dynamic word assimilation process. And that is the object of this course, with its dual emphasis on reflective study and an active practice of word analysis and explication.

Elementary Latin I (Print, 4 Credits)

An introductory look at Latin. You will acquire a sufficient foundation for reading Caesar. The course emphasizes reading ability.

Elementary Latin II (Print, 4 Credits)

A continuation of Latin 103. You will do readings and translation, using a passage adapted from Petronius’s Satyricon. Special attention is paid to historical background and to exercises in grammar and composition.

Intermediate Latin (Print, 4 Credits)

Third semester of university Latin. Using the Oxford Latin Course reader, you will continue the work in basic Latin syntax and style begun in Latin 103 and 104. While exploring historical and cultural backgrounds, you will read Latin passages, answer questions, and perform translation and interpretation drills.

Introduction to Latin Literature (Closed, Print, 4 Credits)

Fourth semester of university Latin. Using the Oxford Latin Course reader, you will do readings in Cicero, Caesar, Catullus, Vergil, Livy, and Ovid. While exploring historical, cultural, and critical backgrounds, you will read and interpret passages, perform drills and translations, and do simple reports on syntax and style.

Latin Facilitator:

Matt Hogan

Choose the right course: With a language, it is sometimes a challenge to determine which course is right for you. Please contact Sarah Korpi or David Werther for help in selecting your course. In some cases, we will ask you for a writing sample for correct placement.