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Italian Courses

Benvenuto! Our distance learning courses in Italian offer you the flexibility and convenience of learning a language at “your pace, your place” from experienced, highly qualified, and caring instructors.

Whether you are looking for first or second semester Italian, our distance education courses can fulfill your needs. Classes are available online.

First Year Level:

First Semester Italian (Online, 4 Credits)

This course offers fundamentals of Italian pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. You will learn the basics of Italian and receive a great introduction to Italian culture. This course assumes no prior exposure to the Italian language.

Second Semester Italian (Online, 4 Credits)

Continuation of the study of the fundamentals of Italian grammar, which will enable you to read effectively and to engage in basic conversation. In addition, you will continue to be introduced to aspects of contemporary Italian life and culture.

Italian Team

Janet Wood

Choose the right course: With a language, it is sometimes a challenge to determine which course is right for you. Please contact Sarah Korpi or David Werther for help in selecting your course. In some cases, we will ask you for a writing sample for correct placement.