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History Courses

Our distance learning programs in history offer you the flexibility and convenience of taking a history class at “your pace, your place” from experienced, highly qualified, and caring instructors.

History courses are a requirement of many degree programs and are a popular elective. The flexible pace of our distance education history courses allows you to fully absorb the material and enjoy the experience. History courses may earn up to 3 university-level credits (seek pre-approval from your department or institute). Classes are available by correspondence or online.

Modern European History: 1815 to the present (Online, 3 Credits)

A general survey of the political, economic, social, and cultural history of modern Western civilization.

Appreciation and History of Music (Online, 3 Credits)

Music from a historical perspective. You will learn about composers, their works, and the periods of history in which they lived, from the Middle Ages through the twentieth century. Writing assignments include questions based on your readings and reactions to the music. No previous musical training is needed to register for this course.

The Civil War Era, 1848 – 1877 (Online, 3 Credits)

U.S. history during a turbulent era punctuated by the Civil War, the nation’s deadliest conflict. In addition to covering key causes of the war—slavery, territorial expansion, and the breakdown of national politics—you will examine military aspects of the war, paying particular attention to Abraham Lincoln as the Union’s wartime leader. To explore the consequences of the war, course materials include a novel about Reconstruction penned by “carpetbagger” Albion Tourgee.

Independent Reading in Wisconsin Native American History (Online, 1-3 Credits)

An introduction to the general field of Native American history with a special focus on Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region. This course is offered with multiple credit options (1, 2, or 3), with the higher credit options including additional assignments and readings.

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