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History Courses

Our distance learning programs in history offer you the flexibility and convenience of taking a history class at “your pace, your place” from experienced, highly qualified, and caring instructors.

History courses are a requirement of many degree programs and are a popular elective. The flexible pace of our distance education history courses allows you to fully absorb the material and enjoy the experience. History courses may earn up to 3 university-level credits (seek pre-approval from your department or institute). Classes are available by correspondence or online.

Modern European History: 1815 to the present (Online, 3 Credits)

Study the people, events, and trends of the European past that set the stage for the world we live in.

Focuses on three basic areas if inquiry: 1) What’s happening in politics? (What are the sources and uses of power?)  2)What are the material conditions of people’s lives? (How are people earning their living? Is their standard of living going up or down? Are they moving to the city or staying in the country? Are they having more or fewer children? )  3) What are people’s ideas and attitudes?  (Are they becoming more or less religious? Why does nationalism arise when it does? Why feminism? What groups of people find these ideas appealing? Who detests them? Why?)

Course readings include the classics: Hard Times (Charles Dickens) and All Quiet on the Western Front (Erich Maria Remarque).

Appreciation and History of Music (Online, 3 Credits)

Expand your knowledge and appreciation of music.

Explores music from different time periods and cultures.

Helps you: identify different elements in music, evaluate your favorite music, compare and contrast different works of music, correlate music and visual arts, examine the origins of key music genres, explore new ways to discover music.

Assumes no previous background in music.

Includes video introductions and reviews for each unit.

The Civil War Era, 1848 – 1877 (Online, 3 Credits)

Explore the history of the United States during the slavery debate, the Civil War, and the period often called “Reconstruction.”

Uses a variety of primary and secondary sources, including slave narratives and political speeches.

Designed for developing skills in three areas: understanding and assessing primary sources, historical arguments and debates; presenting original argument based on primary and secondary materials; applying historical knowledge and skills to contemporary debates. Concluding course units invite students to explore the ongoing contests over the Civil War’s memory and meaning.

Independent Reading in Wisconsin Native American History (Online, 1-3 Credits)

Gain a general understanding of Native American cultures and history in the state of Wisconsin.

Introduces the general field of Native American history with a special emphasis on Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region. Begins with Patty Loew’s Indian Nations of Wisconsin. Students then choose two or more works to analyze topics and themes related to Native American History and explore how US National Policy has impacted Native Americans.

Gives teachers the opportunity to assess the suitability of chosen readings for the classroom.

Offers a one-credit option that fulfills the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requirement for this topic.

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