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German for Reading Knowledge

Contact information

If this Web page does not answer all of your questions about UW-Madison’s German for Reading Knowledge program, feel free to contact us:

  • Madison registration office: 608-262-2451.
  • Independent Learning questions: toll-free 1-877-UW-LEARN or
  • Independent Learning Coordinator Sarah Korpi: or 608-890-3364.

The UW-Madison Department of German is a separate unit, not part of Continuing Studies.

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Learn how to read German-language texts at an advanced level

Independent learning online course

Enroll now in UW-Independent Learning German 391, which you can take from anywhere in the world at your own pace for transferable college credit. Gain the ability to read any advanced German text with only the aid of a good dictionary. Get detailed, expert feedback from your instructor on translation assignments, proceeding from very basic grammar to the complex sentence structures characteristic of journalistic, technical, and scholarly writing.

Great for meeting graduate program language requirements, genealogy work, and theology students. Preview the entire course now at the free, open textbook, which includes online drills and visualization games. Key skills you’ll learn include: taking advantage of similarities between English and German, expert dictionary use, using easy grammar cues to save time, which grammar rules are the most important to memorize for reading purposes, and how to use step-by-step techniques to untangle even the most complex sentences.

For current registration, tuition, and materials information, please consult the online UW-Extension Independent Learning catalog. You may register or request further information at that Web site or by toll-free phone: 1-877-895-3276.

On-campus semester courses (credit)

If you are an enrolled degree student at UW-Madison, you may also consider taking German 391 and German 392 from the UW-Madison German Department during regular semester schedules. For more information on those courses, please consult the UW-Madison Department of German.

Learn about the Graduate school examination

Learn about the Graduate school examination.

Thank you for your interest in learning German! Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Erfolg dabei!