Continuing Studies Art Gallery

Continuing Studies Building

Continuing Studies
21 N. Park Street
7th Floor

When you visit Continuing Studies, be sure to enjoy the artwork in our Art Gallery on the 7th Floor. We established this gallery to provide a resource for artists to display their art in a public education environment. Artists include employees and their family members, instructors, students, and other friends of Continuing Studies.

There are 3 small exhibit areas—one on each end of the main hallway, and one in the Wisconsin Idea conference room. The hallways are open to the public M, W, Th, and F 7:45am-4:30pm and T 7:45am-7pm.

Thank you to all the artists.

2017-2018 schedule

Dates WI Idea Room West Hallway East Hallway
Dec '16–Jan '17 Robert “Bob” Giese Sandy Beaupre Sandy Beaupre
Feb–Mar '17 Patricia Indgjer Barbara Vater Renee Ruggles
Apr–May '17 Chuck Bauer Ingrid Dohm Gregg Williard
June–July '17 Diane Kravetz Howard Tarnoff Howard Tarnoff
Aug–Sept '17 Anne Raskopf Robin Hackman
Oct–Nov '17 Taisia Kuklina Brigid O’Keefe Terri Messinides
Dec '17–Jan '18 Joel Wish Peter van Laeys Philip Salamone
Feb–Mar '18 Joel Wish Becky Tarver-Chase Gina Hecht


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