Frequently Asked Questions

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This course is for an intermediate to advanced learner of Spanish. The course is entirely in Spanish and requires you to write and communicate in Spanish from the very beginning. Please write the course director if you have questions about your level of Spanish.

Ninety percent of our participants are working professionals. This course has been designed to be highly practical and present professional register and situations which are rarely taught in traditional language courses. We are constantly updating our materials to make sure our content and approach is effective and relevant.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not offer college credits for this course, which allows us to keep the price low. However, several academic institutions have allowed their students to take this course as an independent study and provided credit. Please contact the course director for more information.

This course will present real-life situations and prepare you to respond professionally in each situation. At the end of the course, you will have gained strategies for communication and have a better understanding of interpreting the cross-cultural situations you will face.

Yes, while you must begin the first course with a cohort, you can take up to three months off before starting the modules of the second course. Participants beginning Business Spanish 1 in the fall must finish course 2 by June 30. Participants beginning Business Spanish 1 in the spring must finish course 2 by Dec. 23.

Yes, if an organization or company enrolls more than one employee at a time.

CEU stands for Continuing Educational Unit. Each unit represents approximately 10 hours of participation effort. They are not transferable as degree credits but represent a measure of personal enrichment courses.