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Bring emotional healing through forgiveness
Forgiveness: A Pathway to Emotional Healing (In person)
Nov 11$1956 CE (Continuing Education) hours
Explore the four questions of the psychology of forgiveness:
  • What is forgiveness?
  • Why forgive?
  • How do people forgive?
  • How can we bring forgiveness to families, schools, the workplace, and other communities for better emotional health?
Headshot of instructor Robert Enright
Dr. Robert Enright, co‑founder of the International Forgiveness Institute, is the unquestioned pioneer in the scientific study of forgiveness and one of the most gifted teachers on the UW–Madison campus. He has been called "the forgiveness trailblazer" by Time magazine and is often introduced as "the father of forgiveness research" because of his 25‑year academic commitment to researching and implementing forgiveness programs across the globe in places such as Northern Ireland, Greece, Liberia, Singapore, Ghana, Lebanon, the Philippines, Slovakia, Italy, Colombia, Canada, and in Wisconsin as well as other states around the U.S.
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