EducationUSA Academy

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When: July 1-19, 2019

Where: UW–Madison campus, Madison, WI

Cost: $4,999

Choose from two tracks: Career Exploration or Intensive English for College Preparedness

For questions about the EducationUSA Academy at UW–Madison: Contact Sara Bembenek-Saborio at

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UW–Madison EducationUSA Academy

EducationUSA Academy at UW–Madison provides students age 15-17 with the tools and experience to successfully prepare for and excel in the American college environment. The program goes beyond academics to include all components of student development during an unforgettable three weeks.
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About the program

EducationUSA Academy at UW–Madison provides an all-around college readiness experience to facilitate post-secondary success.

Program dates

  • Arrival: June 29-30 to Chicago O’Hare or Madison, WI
  • Program start: July 1
  • Departure: July 19 evening or July 20

Through either a Career Exploration or Intensive English for College Preparedness track, your experience at UW–Madison will:

  • Welcome you with Midwest hospitality to one of the most beautiful, forward-thinking, highly-ranked universities in the country
  • Integrate you into something bigger: your time here will involve classroom learning, community and cultural exploration, service opportunities, and social engagement
  • Develop your ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and lead through workshops on skills essential for success at the university
  • Engage you in college-preparatory, hands-on workshops and discussions that let you explore your career interests and discuss topics in your field with American students
  • Prepare you for admissions by guiding the writing and polishing of your university personal statement with the support of campus writing experts
  • Involve you in campus classes to receive a first-hand experience of U.S. university academics
  • Culminate in a collaborative final project you facilitate, reflecting on your experiences and their applications for future success
  • Expose you to a variety of higher education opportunities in the U.S. through virtual and on-site campus tours in the region
  • Surround you with opportunities to meet and develop lifelong relationships with precollege peers from Madison and around the world

Career Exploration track

  • For near-fluent speakers
  • Faculty- and staff-led workshops, with topics addressing, for example:
    • Aligning your major with your interests and strengths
    • Careers, opportunities, and prospects in STEM
    • Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
    • Majoring in education: wisdom and advice from undergrads
  • Student panel discussions regarding academic success and field-specific conversation
  • Opportunities to attend a campus undergraduate course or lecture in field of interest of education, business, engineering, natural sciences, or art

Intensive English for College Preparedness track

  • For high-intermediate to advanced speakers
  • Honing English skills through presentations, debates, negotiations, and group analysis and discussions
  • Development of academic vocabulary
  • Thematics of leadership, critical thinking and problem solving

Both tracks

  • Courses presented utilizing a collaborative, experiential-learning design, providing you exposure, practice, and application with course content with an emphasis on team building, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Campus tours, both virtual and on-site
  • Ongoing team projects as a reflection of your experiences
  • Final project presentation: student-led workshop
  • Writing workshops for development of personal statement for admissions
  • Hands-on seminars for expanding understanding of U.S. culture

Sample daily schedule (Monday-Friday)

8am Breakfast
Period 1
Career Exploration Workshop:
What do you want to do? Aligning your major with your interests and strengths
Intensive English:
Communication for an Academic Environment
10:15-10:30am Break
Period 2
Career Exploration:
Student Panel Discussion on choosing your major
Intensive English:
Reading, writing, and application
Noon-1:30pm Lunch
Period 3
University Preparation:
Campus tours, sit-in on a course, admissions workshops
Afternoon activities
ALPS Teambuilding Workshop with CAP (College Access Program) students
6pm Dinner
Evening Study time, social activities, rest and relax

Meet your program directors

Photo of Sara Bembenek-Soborio

Sara Bembenek-Saborio

(BBA Marketing and TESOL Certification, UW–Madison, Wisconsin) is the Lead Program Coordinator/ESL Instructor for EducationUSA Academy. Additionally, she coordinates curriculum and teachers the ESL component of UW-Madison non-credit international programs UW Advance and ACE. She has been an English as a Second Language instructor for over 12 years, both domestically and abroad in Costa Rica.

Photo: Christine Inthachith

Christine Inthachith

(MA, UW–Madison) directs international non-credit programs in the Division of Continuing Studies, including the precollege American Culture and English (ACE) program; the EducationUSA Academy; and UW Advance Programs, customizable programs for international students age 18 and older. Christine has extensive international experience, including consulting, teaching, and volunteer work in Southeast Asia and Central America.

Photo of Monique Lu

Monique Lu

(BA, Chinese Language and Literature, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China) is the assistant director of the UW Advance program, ACE, and the EducationUSA Academy. She provides general assistance and support to the international noncredit programs in the Division of Continuing Studies.

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