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Please note: This is a comprehensive list of all music classes Continuing Studies offers. Not all classes are offered every semester.

Bach’s Cantatas
In this six-session class we listen to and analyze several of the most important cantatas in their historical, textual, theological, and musical contexts.

Band Builder
This 9-week class focuses on building/developing your band or musical group - or simply realizing your ideas for forming a band.

Bluegrass Banjo 1
In this 5-week beginning course we will cover tuning, terminology, basic chords and rolls, and playing with others.

Bluegrass Banjo 2
This 5-week post-elementary level course covers rolls, chords, left-hand techniques, licks, and melody creation, with an eye toward playing with others.

Bluegrass Banjo 3
In this 5-week course we review rolls, chords, left-hand techniques, capo use, licks, and melody creation, with an eye toward playing with others.

Bluegrass Ensemble: the Music of Bill Monroe
This 8-week ensemble class is open to all instruments and singers. We focus on the roles of the different instruments in a bluegrass band.

Celtic Music Traditions
Meet the musicians and explore the history and culture of the music fueling the Celtic trend. The 10 units include reading, listening, and written assignments asking for your informal responses to thought-provoking questions. Completely online.

Create Your Own Music
Beginners: complete 6 composition activities modeled after exercises assigned to great composers. Experienced composers: stretch your ideas in new or already-completed pieces. Completely online.

Dulcimer (Mountain/Lap) 1
In this 6-week beginning course learn how to care for, hold, string, fret, pluck, strum, and sing with this sweet-sounding instrument.

Dulcimer (Mountain/Lap) 2
Although this 6-week course includes a quick review of beginner level basics, an introductory lap dulcimer class is strongly suggested as a prerequisite.

Early Music Collegium Musicum
Learn music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods and improve your skills in ensemble playing, ornamentation, and historical notation reading in this 8-week course.

Fiddle Styles of the Southeastern United States
In this eight-week playing course we learn fiddle styles from the American southeast, including Appalachian, bluegrass, and Cajun.

Folk Music Revival in the United States
The 4-week course explores the periodic revivals or rediscoveries of traditional music in the United States from the 1930s through today.

Grassroots Marketing for the Arts
Learn how to develop a promotion plan to successfully market events, concerts, shows, and seasons.

Great Composers: Machaut, Gluck, Schumann, R. Strauss
Presented in a style light on jargon and rich in listening, this 9-week course is for anyone interested in learning more about the major composers of Western classical music.

Great composers: Vivaldi, Boccherini, Wagner, Sibelius
Presented in a style light on jargon and rich in listening, this 9-week course is for anyone interested in learning more about the major composers of Western classical music.

Guitar 1
In this 10-week course you progress from tuning, fretting, and picking to playing melodies, chords, and accompaniment, which may lead to further study in classical, folk, or popular styles.

Guitar 2
Learn fingerstyle accompaniment, movable chord forms, intermediate strums and melodies, and the blues.

Guitar: Fingerstyle
Learn all you need to turn a common melody into a fingerstyle guitar showpiece in this 8-week course.

Guitar: Jazz Chords and Swing
In this 8-week course we start with the basic chords, then uncover the secrets for turning them into "fancy" jazz ones.

Guitar: the Magic and Mystery of Drop-D Tuning
This 8-week course explores this tuning through Irish airs and waltzes, finger-style blues, and folk strums in D major and minor.

Gypsy Jazz Primer for Players
This 10-week course focuses on gypsy jazz repertoire and techniques: scales, chords, and riffs specific to the genre.

How Music Works: The Tools of Music Theory
This comprehensive study of music theory provides a complete set of tools handy for either a lifelong interest in music or preparing to take college entrance exams. Completely online.

Irish Tin Whistle
If Irish music sends you reeling, bring your instrument and join us for this 7-week course focused on learning and playing traditional session tunes that are popular in the Midwest.

Jazz History
This 6-week enrichment course explores the history of jazz in America. Investigate various styles and periods in the development of jazz and learn to identify key innovators and their contributions to this uniquely American art form.

Latin Percussion Instruments
Taught bilingually, this 10-week course focuses on Latin American percussion rhythms and patterns played on congas, bongo, timbales, and other instruments in the context of salsa and other Latin American styles.

Living the Creative Life
Using The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron as our guide, you'll explore ways to recover the joy and courage to pursue your artistic dreams.

Madison Early Music Festival
Join us for the 14th annual Madison Early Music Workshop and Concert Series: A Festive Celebration of the German Renaissance. Music, lectures, classes, and a masked ball focus on festival music composed around 1616.

Music Theory for Playing by Ear
This 5-week course covers many topics addressed in introductory music theory courses, but with an emphasis on playing by ear and the goal of increased ability to improvise and to play with others.

Music Theory: Choose Your Topic
Design your own course around a theory topic of your choice and enjoy one-on-one instruction. Create a course that covers theory fundamentals or a specific topic such as ear training, counterpoint, part writing, melody, or harmony; or choose another topic with instructor's consent. Completely online.

Open Mic Workshop
This 9-week course provides suggestions and encouragement to launch participants onto the stage with confidence.

Pan Flute
In this introductory eight-week bilingual course you learn to play Andean pan flutes (sikus and zamponas). We start with basic sound production, and then quickly move to mastering different playing techniques and musical styles from the Bolivian and Peruvian regions of the Andes.

Piano 1
In a fun, relaxed group environment, we address basic techniques, note reading, and music theory as it relates to playing the piano.

Piano Off the Page
This 6-week class frees you from using written arrangements of music in folk, jazz, pop, and other styles.

Piano Tuning and Repair
This 10-week introductory course focuses on basic piano tuning and simple repairs.

Recorder Consort
Enhance your individual and ensemble skills playing in a recorder consort in this fun 8-week coached class for intermediate players.

Recorder: Beginning
Learn or review the basics on the soprano and alto recorders in this five-week course.

School of the Arts at Rhinelander
School of the Arts offers nearly 60 workshops for adults in art and folk art, body/mind/spirit, digital media, food and fitness, music, and writing.

Songwriting: Nuts, Bolts and Magic
This 9-week class works through the mechanics and mystery of creating a good song. The final class will be an open mic.

Spirit of 78s: the Legacy of American Sound Recording 1895-1955
Join Henry Sapoznik as he leads a sonic tour of some of the most memorable, and most unjustly forgotten, 78s ever recorded, while sharing their revealing and insightful back stories.

String Instrument Repair Clinic and Harp Maintenance Workshops
Sponsored by the National String Workshop, these intensive clinics provide hands-on experiences. Work on your own projects under the guidance of skilled repair specialists.

String Ensemble and Skills for Adults 1
This 10-week course is for those new to string playing (violin, viola, cello, string bass) or players who have studied previously but want to focus on basic technique and ensemble skills.

String Ensemble and Skills for Adults 2
This 10-week course is for those with basic string-playing skills (violin, viola, cello, string bass) or players who have studied previously and would like to experience an ensemble.

Ukulele 1
Join the fun of this very playable instrument in this 9-week introductory course. Learn chord progressions, strumming techniques, popular singalongs, and Hawaiian ukulele standards.

Ukulele 2
This 10-week course is for those who know basic chords and strumming techniques. Learn more chord progressions, strumming techniques, singalongs, and Hawaiian ukulele standards.

Ukulele 3
This 10-week course builds on Ukulele 2 and covers more advanced chord progressions, strumming techniques and Hawaiian ukulele standards.

Vocal Jazz 1
This small group 9-week class focuses on the basics of jazz singing, including timing, phrasing, interpretation, feel, and tone.

Vocal Venture 1
Find your most natural and powerful voice by learning techniques for effective breathing, tone quality, and ear training in this 10-week course.

Vocal Venture 2
Continue to develop your voice by exploring and practicing skills for effective breathing, tone quality, muscle control, ear training, and interpretation in this 9-week course.