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Please note: This is a comprehensive list of all art classes Continuing Studies offers. Not all classes are offered every semester.

Acrylics: Getting a Kick Start
This course in acrylics provides a solid foundation for the new painter and expands on the skill and knowledge of a more experienced painter. Explore still life, landscape painting, non-objective painting, and more as you increase your understanding of color theory, render realistic objects, and experiment with techniques to create interesting texture and space.

Arts Business Symposium
At our inaugural conference, "Bidirectionality: Arts as Business as Arts," we explored the substantive connections between arts and business and opened up a conversation about research and practice at the intersection of the 2 disciplines.

Arts Enterprise: Art as Business
This course provides an overview and foundation for those interested in developing, launching, or advancing innovative enterprises in arts, culture, and design.

Chinese Brush Painting Workshop: Birds, Flowers, and Landscapes
Learn the ancient art, techniques, and styles of Chinese brush painting during this 1-day workshop. Paint these subjects from nature and calligraphy: Loquat tree with bird, frogs with bamboo, pumpkins and squash with chicks, horses, landscape with boats on water, and panda with bamboo.

Chinese Brush Painting Workshop: Journey Through Nature
Learn traditional and contemporary techniques of Chinese brush painting, including wet-in-wet, glaze, contour, and dry brush.

Chinese Brush Painting Workshop: Year of the Horse
Learn the ancient art, techniques, and styles of Chinese brush painting during a creative 1-day workshop. You will learn spontaneous, wet-in-wet, and contour techniques.

Drawing the Costumed Figure
Explore the magic of character development and mood while drawing from live models garbed in costumes and accessories. This 8-week course covers proportion, structural anatomy, value, line, and drapery using various dry media and techniques.

Drawing Figures on the Move
Draw people in their natural habitats! You'll learn sketching and analytical techniques to see and record gesture, proportion, and environmental context. In the studio, we'll combine sketches and compose a larger drawing.

Drawing Fundamentals
Learn fundamental drawing concepts employed by artists since the Renaissance. Although this class is aimed at beginners, anyone will benefit from and increased awareness and a comprehensive understanding of foundational principles such as proportion, gesture, perspective, value, and light phenomena.

Drawing the Figure
This 8-week class covers fundamentals such as proportion, gesture, perspective, value, and light phenomena.

Etegami: Japanese Picture Letters
Create personal and unique cards and postcards using the Japanese style of brush painting and calligraphy during this 1-day workshop. You will learn how to paint many different spring subjects, such as flowers, fruits, insects, vegetables, birds, and fish.

Figure and Portrait Painting: Sunday Morning
Paint and learn with a group of supportive, accomplished figure and portrait painters who are willing to assist in your development. Live model holds one 3-hour pose (with breaks), giving you time to hone your painting skills at your own pace and in your own style.

Figure Drawing Studio: Wednesdays
Draw from the model for 10 weeks in a non-stressful environment. Since there is no instruction, you may proceed at your own pace, in your own way.

Japanese Folk Art: Etegami for Spring
Etegami is a Japanese folk art consisting of simple hand painted drawings with a few words of greeting to send to a family member or friend.

Mastering Your Subject, Discovering Your Style
In this 3-day workshop, explore different avenues of rendering a single object.

Make the Paper, Make the Book
Make your own opaque and translucent handmade papers and then make them into books. Learn to add color to the fibers and to paint or stencil with paper pulp in this 5-week class.

Nature and Garden Journal
Combine your interests in art and nature by starting a journal. Learn to sketch plants and animals, make seasonal notations, and incorporate words or poems.

Nature in Collage
This 6-week mixed-media class will inspire you as you experience the beauty of fall at the Arboretum. Your connection to nature will deepen as you explore your own imagination and learn to put your ideas onto paper or canvas using a variety of found materials with painting and transfers.

Painting Workshop: Color for Painters
Explore the beautiful complexities and chameleon properties of color relevant to painting in this 4-week class. Exercises explore color mixing, tonality, composition, and harmony.

Painting: Long-Pose Traditional Portrait Workshop
Drawing and painting from life presents many challenges not present when working from photography; the portrait presents its own set of difficulties. This 1-weekend workshop focuses on a traditional, classical approach to portrait painting a live model for 2 days.

Painting: Master Copying at the Chazen
In partnership with the UW-Madison Chazen Museum of Art, students spend 8 weeks copying a portion or all of a painting.

Painting: Realism in Oils or Acrylic
This class offers a 3-hour studio experience, 2 Saturdays each month, for experienced painters working on paintings of their choice.

Painting: Beginning through Advanced
This 8-week class inspires individual expression and growth through discussions, demonstrations, and mini-lectures covering painting technique, color mixing, and composition. Students of all levels work side-by-side in a supportive studio atmosphere.

Painting Studio for All Levels
This 8-week course is where individual expression and growth bloom in a supportive studio environment. Beginning through advanced students work side by side on assignments exploring a variety of techniques and topics.

Painting with Beeswax: An Encaustic Workshop
Explore the beauty and creative possibilities of hot wax in this 1-day workshop. The encaustic process offers endless possibilities for personal expression. We will cover a variety of techniques including how to build translucent layers, fuse, and create textures.

Pastels: Jumping into Painting
Experiment with the beautiful range of colors and the light, lacy texture that classic pastel painting offers in this 8-week course. Create realistic drawings and paintings, and achieve the impressionist style without the burden of canvas or paint.

Printmaking: Creating Relief Prints Using a Printing Press
Experiment with mark-making and begin to consider the power of the unique and striking aesthetic of relief printmaking in this 6-week class. Gain a foundation in the basic relief techniques, using positive and negative spaces in unexpected ways to graphically engage viewers, and crank out editions after learning how to operate a printing press.

Printmaking: Scratching the Surface of Screen Printing
Bring your imagery to life using the exciting techniques of water-based screen print. In this 6-week class, you will draw, design, play with color, and manipulate photographic images to create vibrant, graphic prints.

Realist Painting
This 4-session class for oil and acrylic painters meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month and focuses on the realist approach to painting.

School of the Arts at Rhinelander
School of the Arts offers nearly 50 workshops for adults in visual art, body/mind/spirit, digital media, food and fitness, music, and writing.

Sculpting for Everyone: Traditional Techniques, New Materials
Create 3-dimensional objects that have strength and durability using paper clay that does not need kiln firing.

Watercolor: Plein Air Painting
Learn to paint plein air with the right portable art materials and the fast wash and brush techniques needed to capture nature in the moment.

Watercolor: Fall at the Arboretum
Watch demos of wash and brush techniques designed for this natural wildlife setting.

Watercolor Foundation at the Arboretum
Venturing into watercolor painting for the first time or expanding your skills? Through demonstrations and exercises, come away understanding watercolor materials, mixing pigments, wash, glaze and texture techniques. Paint with an understanding of color schemes, composition armatures, and creating lively shadows.

Watercolor: Guided Studio at the Arboretum
In this 6-week class, the instructor will work with you on an individual basis, using demonstrations, critiques, discussions, and problem-solving to meet the group's interest. Work at your own pace among like-minded artists with the guidance of a dedicated instructor.

Watercolor: It's All About Values
Learn first how to see changes in value, plan your painting, and explore different techniques to instill the use of values.

Watercolor: Vibrant Variations on New Surfaces
Work on gessoed paper, canvas, and synthetic yupo to create brilliant and textured watercolors in this 1-day workshop.

Wisconsin Regional Art Program
This annual conference features guest jurors and artists, culminating the statewide exhibit of the Wisconsin Regional Artist Association.