Current CPM candidates

Questions? Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you continue to have questions, please contact us at: Program Coordinator Sunshine Jansen 608-262-4354

Information for current CPM Candidates

A full list of all CPM classes by elective category is below, and also available for download here. Not all classes are offered every year, but core classes are available at least once per year. Colleague Group candidates who are making up a class should consult this list to see their options in the elective category of the missed class (note: missed core classes must be made up with the same class).

Many classes in the broader Leadership, Management, and Workplace Skills programming area of Continuing Studies are eligible for CPM credit, and we have included those classes in the list. Be aware that many of these are two-day programs and take care of 12 hours in their elective category.

The CPM office provides self-directed candidates with updated transcripts twice a year, but feel free to request one at any time. Please notify us promptly of any classes that seem to be missing.

Inactive candidates: Effective 2020, the Wisconsin CPM Program has begun to phase out the self-directed format in favor of cohort groups. If you went inactive on or after Jan. 1, 2013 and are interested in reactivating and completing your program, please submit a request by email and we will work with you on selecting your remaining classes. Candidates who went inactive prior to this time (beyond the seven-year limit per CPM policy) are welcome to apply to join the next Colleague Group.

CPM Classes by Category

All classes 6 hours except **(12 hours) and *(3 hours)

030 Management Assessment for Personal Planning and Development
100 The Public Management Profession and Environment
110 Presenting to Influence 120 Strategic Thinking, Planning and Organizational Transformation
130 Productivity and Quality Improvement
140 Problem Analysis and Problem Solving
160 Understanding and Promoting Ethical Behavior
170 Leadership
227 Professional Writing: Effective Workplace Communication (also a Public Policy elective)

200 Exploring and Reporting Your Data
202 Organizational Performance Measurement (269)
203 Systems Thinking in a Chaotic World
204 Fundamentals of Project Management (268)**
204A Productivity Tools (268)
204B Project Management Certificate (5 days, 12 hrs QM, 12 hrs RM, 6 hrs PDE)**
207 Program Evaluation Techniques
209 Measuring Customer Satisfaction

220 Policy Analysis for Non-Analysts
223 Developing Public-Private Partnerships 224 Using Data Visualization and Infographics to Tell Your Story*
224B Leading Out Loud: Using Story in Communication (248E)
226 Working with Councils, Boards & Commissions (247A)
227 Effective Workplace Writing Core class, required
234 Navigating the Political Environment
232 Customer Service as a Strategic Issue (Also 246)
238 Improving Public Participation
239 Elements of Digital Style: Updated Guidelines for Today’s Content Editors*

240 Managing Organizational Change
242 Resilience and Stress Management Skills
242B Building Effective Teams (289)
243 Leading and Managing from the Middle
245B The Art of Conflict Transformation (295B)**
246 Customer Service as a Strategic Issue (232)
247 Facilitating Effective Meetings
247A Working with Councils, Boards & Commissions (226)
248D Listening for a Change: Skills for Inclusivity (282C)**
248E Leading Out Loud: Story in Communication (224B)
249 Communication Skills for Challenging Conversations (282)
251 The Art of Delegation
251B Leading Teams Across Silos
253 Appreciative Inquiry
255 Managing in Permanent Whitewater
257 Leadership Presence: Acting Skills for Confidence, Influence, Awareness
256E Honoring our Common Differences: Reflecting Actions for Inclusivity
256B Encouraging a Culture of Civility and Respect

263 Budgeting for Public Managers
265 Records Management
267 Managing Time, Multiple Priorities & Interruptions
268 Fundamentals of Project Management (204)**
268A Productivity Tools (204A)
268B Project Management Certificate (5 days, 12 hrs QM, 12 hrs RM, 6 hrs PDE)**
269 Organizational Performance Measurement (202)
273 Preparing RFPs and Bids
275 Writing Effective Grant Proposals

282 Communication Skills for Challenging Conversations (249)
282C Listening for a Change: Skills for Inclusivity (248D)**
284 Conducting Fearless Performance Reviews
284C The Manager’s Role in Work Satisfaction and Engagement **
285 Leading Teams from a Distance
289 Building Effective Teams (242B)
290 The Art of Delegation (251)
291 Succession Planning and Mentoring
292A Managing Your Brain for Managers: Neuroscience of Leading Self and Others**
294 Encouraging a Culture of Civility & Respect (256B)
295B The Art of Conflict Transformation (245B)**
297 Fearless Coaching: Guiding Employees Toward Great Performance