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Friday Oct 18

9-10:15am: Sessions 1

Session 1A
A Reproductive Justice Analysis of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)
Kristin Ryder

Session 1C
Queer Insights: Thrice-Told Stories from a San Francisco Immersion Course
Pamela Forman and Ellen Mahaffy

Session 1D
Safe Space: Creating Inclusive Educational Environments
Cabell Gathman and Saili Kulkarni

Session 1E
Safety, Access and Voice: Why the US must ratify the CEDAW treaty
Dace Zeps and Karen Pope

Session 1F
Campus Women’s Center Roundtable

Cathy Seashole, Pat Foster, Geneva Murray and Teresa Reinders

The Struggle for Transgender Identity in Aaron Raz Link and Hilda Raz's What Becomes You
Grace Schmitt, Christian K. Roovers, Hannah Hankins and Severina Scott

Session 1G
The Struggle for Transgender Identity in Aaron Raz Link and Hilda Raz's What Becomes You
Grace Schmitt, Christian K. Roovers, Hannah Hankins and Severina Scott

10:30-11:45: Sessions 2

Session 2A
Art As Feminist Research
Alison Gates and Melanie Treuhaft

Session 2B
Digital Feminist Pedagogy: Student Blog Projects in the Women's Studies Classroom
Jessica Van Slooten, Lindsay Brookshier, and Kimberley Duncan

Session 2C
Beyond Miss Representation: Teaching ‘Women in Media’
Caryn Murphy

Session 2D
Moved to 4H

Session 2E
Understanding Gender Studies in the Context of Parenthood
Lara Stache, Rachel Davidson, DeAnne Priddis, and Kristine Nicolini

Session 2F
Queering Cultural Norms about Sexual Relationships: A Sex Therapist's Perspective
Martha Kauppi

Session 2G
Applied Learning in Gender and Women's Studies Through Internship
Nina Valeo Cooke

Session 2H
Community Organization Round Table: The YWCA working for Justice and Equity
Debra Schwabe and Kristy Lust

Session 2I
Film series: It was Rape

Noon-1:30pm: Lunch & plenary address

Knowledge in the Making in Women’s, Gender, and LGBTQ Studies
Karma R. Chávez, Ramzi Fawaz and Ellen Samuels

1:45-3: Sessions 3

Session 3A
There are Feminists in the Library!
Ethelene Whitmire, Heather Shimon, JoAnne Lehman and Kelsey Wallner

Session 3B
Queering Sex Education
Jay Botsford, Victoria Boucher, and Jennifer deCoste

Session 3C
Trans as a Category of Analysis
Simon Fisher and Tiffany Lee

Session 3D
Moved to 6E

Session 3F
Reel to Real: Engaging Communities with Women & Girls Lead Films
Lynne Blinkenberg and Leigh Schmidt

Session 3G
Wisconsin Adolescent Health Care Communication Program: Bridging the Sexual Health Communication Gap Between Teens and Providers
Amy Olejniczak

Session 3H
Community Organization Round Table: Rape Crisis Center and the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA)
Kelly Anderson and Lynn M Johnson

Session 3I
Film Series: Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines

3:30-4:45: Sessions 4

Session 4A
Transforming Texts: Art, Literature, and Meaning
Ceclia Barnes, Catherine Bryan and Lisa Hager

Session 4B
Who Isn't in the Room?: LGBTQ Leadership & Social Justice
Jay Botsford

Session 4C
Institutionalizing Difference
Karlyn Crowley, Catherine M. Orr and Diane Lichtenstein

Session 4D
An Inclusive Excellence Inventory of Instructor Practices
Deb Hoskins

Session 4E
Art, Activism and Media: Project Girl
Kelly Parks Snider

Session 4F
Immigration and Complicating Gender Norms
Marit Barkve, Yuri Kitov, and Svetlana Gertner

Session 4G
Women Leading the Fortune 1000: Similarities and Differences
Marge Karsten, Dr. Marvee L. Marr and Wendy Brooke

Session 4H
POSTER Session:
Travis Brace, Chelsey Wasielewski, Dace Zeps, Karen Pope and Todd Savage

Session 4I
Film Series: Solar Mamas

7pm: Awards & keynote presentation

P.B. Poorman Awards


Keynote presentation
Knowledge in the Making
Mara Keisling

Saturday Oct 19

8:30-9:45am: Sessions 5

Session 5A
Expanding The Core of Women’s and Gender Studies
Meg Devlin O'Sullivan and E. Ornelas

Session 5B
Theory Informing Fine Art Practice
Kalpana Prakash and Melanie Treuhaft

Session 5C
Hate Crime and Punishment
Laura Miller and Andrew Stoner

Session 5D
Writing Queer
Ryan Schroth and Carol Yi-Hsuan Lai

Session 5E
Rethinking Lesbian Identity in Rita Mae Brown’s Rubyfruit Jungle
Anna Miller, Gretchen Panzer and Tanya Montgomery, Moderator:  Kelsy Burke

Session 5F
Intersex Experience and the Sociology of Diagnosis
Cary Costello

Session 5G
On the fringes of the fringe: Queer Kinky and Polyamorus
Sheltreese McCoy

Session 5H
Community Round Table: Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WCADV)
Juanita Davis

Session 5I
Film Series: MAKERS: Women Who Make America

Session 5J
Followup conversation with Mara Keisling, Executive Director, National Center for Transgender Equality

10-11:15am: Sessions 6

Session 6A
Uncovering Hidden Histories of Homophobia
Gina Slesar and Michele Weber

Session 6B
Transgender, Trans*, Non-Binary Students Are Our Campuses Ready?
Willem Van Roosenbeek and Angela Birrittella

Session 6C
Developing a Non-Sexist/Non-Gendered Language Policy at UW-Eau Claire
Theresa Kemp, Professor Erica Benson, Professor Angela Pirlott, Casey Coughlin, Quinn Forss and Laura Becherer

Session 6D
Asking is the First Thing I Do with My Mouth: Consent Culture and the Pragmatics of Pronouns
Katka Showers-Curtis

Session 6E
Media and National Consciousness
Wang Di and Owen Boardman

Session 6F
Visual Artist Survival Skills In ‘Wild’ West Texas: Maintaining Sanity Under Fire
Ed Check and Future Akins-Tillett

Session 6G
Risks and Challenges for Elder Latina Lesbians
Graciela Laguna

Session 6H
Community Organization Roundtable ~Feminism on Tap: A Collaborative Model of Engagement
Dayna Long, Dana Schultz, Eve Galanter, and representatives TBA from NARAL Wisconsin and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPWI)

Session 6I
Film Series: Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

11:30am-1:30pm: Lunch

UW System Outstanding Women of Color in Education
(You may register to attend just the luncheon)
Patty Loew



Session 7A
Learning Through Personal Engagement
Kara Bissen and Dorothy De Boer, Moderator: Alexa Trumpy

Session 7B
Unpacking Queer, Transman of Color Identities
Camden Hargrove

Session 7C
Representing Women, Women Representing
Jean Grow and Molly Magestro

Session 7D
The Search for the Gay Neighborhood: Multiply Marginalized Queers.
Cynthia Konrad, Gabe Javier, and Jen Murray

Session 7E
Feminist Pedagogy, Mindfulness, and Transformation
Jackielee Derks, Amy Shapiro and Zohreh Emami

Session 7F
Representation and Misrepresentation: Countering Islamaphobia
Alia Arafeh and Anjali Misra

Session 7G
Stereotypes and Resistance to Dominant Narratives
Deb Hoskins and Rev. Dr. Bobbie Groth

Session 7H
Things We Don't Talk About: Women's Stories from the Red Tent
Isadora Gabrielle Leidnefrost

Session 7I
The Demeter Foundation: Advocating for Wisconsin's Incarcerated and formerly Incarcerated Women and Their Families
Alice F. Pauser, others TBA

3:15-4:30pm: Sessions 8

Session 8A
Student Organizations and Campus Activism
Jessica Hron and others TBA

Session 8B
Reconciling Identities
Sam Allen, Julia Novotny and Dr. Ed de St. Aubin

Session 8C
LGBTQ Vulnerability and Resilience
Heather Flick, Amy Miller and Freesia McKee

Session 8D
UW Madison's Crossroads Initiative: Groundwork for LGBT Student of Color Community Building
Sheltreese McCoy

Session 8E
Queens of the South Plains: Collected Oral Histories of Drag Queens in Lubbock, Texas
Dr. Katy Ballard

Session 8F
Health Research in Trans* Communities

Session 8G
Why Women’s Studies?
Julie Rhinehart, Rachel Nepper, Caitlin Conroy and Shawanna Bell

Session 8H
Things We Don't Talk About: Women's Stories from the Red Tent
Isadora Gabrielle Leidenfrost

Session 8I
LGBTQ Community Outreach in Wisconsin
Angie Rehling, Jolie McKenna, and Helen Boyd Kramer