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Angela M. Johnson, Director Email: angela.johnson@wisc.edu University of Wisconsin-Madison 21 N. Park Street Madison, WI 53715-1218 Phone: 608-262-4911 Office Hours: Mon-Thu 1-5pm

"WRAP art shows have changed my life in a big way for which I will be forever grateful. It has been just one year since I have gotten involved and I am a happier/healthier/stronger person/artist because of it. I've met many wonderful new artist friends and am having a great time. Suddenly I am understood, what a relief, since I've surrounded myself with sensitive creative artists."

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Thank you for attending the 2019 State Day Conference! Guests were able to connect and engage with Wisconsin arts through the exhibition, ceremonies, demonstrations, a keynote speaker presentation, and networking spaces. If you have any questions about the 2020 conference, email wrap@dcs.wisc.edu.

2020 conference will be in Wausau

2019 State Day speaker

We are excited to announce our 2019 State Day speaker, Michael Velliquette!

Michael is a paper sculptor whose “intricate works combine exuberant abundance with an inventive formalism.” Throughout his career he has shown in over 150 museums and galleries. His position as Faculty Associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison presents the opportunity to lecture and teach on his work and the paper arts.

Michael will talk about his work and then guide participants in creating a miniature exhibition. See more about his mini exhibitions at loveytown.org/exhibitions.

View more about Michael and his work at velliquette.com.

Michael Velliquette and his artwork


2019 State Award winners

The 2019 Annual Art Exhibition is a collection of award-winning artwork from WRAP’s regional exhibitions across the state. These winning artists are recognized in the exhibition and publicly honored at the State Day Conference. View artwork here >

Acrylic painting, titled Colmar, France, by John Bittner

Scenes from WRAP Conference 2019

Bill Schuete
Bill Schuele, WRAP 2018

“Being in Madison Saturday was a happy day for me. It was very nice meeting you. Leslee Nelson’s presentation was a rewarding pleasure, even helping me with an idea for my (hopefully) future work. The Wisconsin Regional Art Program is a wonderful opportunity—for everyone in the state—to personally participate in the arts. I think I heard Ms. Nelson say that John Steuart Curry started the program in the 1930s as part of The Wisconsin Idea. That idea—education, thought, creativity, social, and environmental relationships—is at the heart of the state of Wisconsin. What an idea! Thank you for making it real.”

-Bill Schuele, September 24, 2018

Images from the 2019 WRAP conference

Photo credit: Kailee Kujawski