WRAP Regional Honorable Mention and State Award Winners

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"WRAP art shows have changed my life in a big way for which I will be forever grateful. It has been just one year since I have gotten involved and I am a happier/healthier/stronger person/artist because of it. I've met many wonderful new artist friends and am having a great time. Suddenly I am understood, what a relief, since I've surrounded myself with sensitive creative artists."

2014 Participant
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Regional Honorable Mention and State Award Winners

Session on paintbrushes at a Beloit WRAP event

Paintbrush session at the Beloit WRAP event

Waukesha/Oconomowoc Honorable Mention:

  • Susan Bondow, Elsie & The Sunflower
  • Elizabeth Clayron, Snug In A Garden Flat
  • Sharon Eisner, Dancing Trilliums
  • Shannon Finger, It’s Mine Now?
  • Robert Gurgul, Light of Spring
  • Heidi Hallet, Water Town Sunset
  • Jeffrey Homar, Wild About You
  • John Klug, Red, Ripe & Pick’n Ready
  • Jeff Mann, Mardi Gras
  • Yelena Patskevich, Virgin Islands, St. John’s Island
  • Margaret Schumann, The Farm
  • Susan Schwegel, Country Charm
  • Laura Strehlow, Efflorescence VI

Waukesha/Oconomowoc State Award Winners:

  • David Bueschel, Once A Farm
  • Susan Cadkin, Burning
  • Patricia Gergetz, Chicago Back Alley
  • John Hallet, Heron Pose
  • Jennifer Herro, Night Flyers
  • Kathleen Hosch, Purple Peony
  • Barbara Kelsey, Tracy
  • Janet Knapp, Autumn Stroll
  • Emma Macari, Red Maple Branches
  • Angela Otts, Blooms & Leaves
  • Jean Pascek, Bjorklunden Splendor
  • Holly Paulsen, Painting With 3 Names
  • Charlene Southworth, Winter Solace

Monroe Honorable Mention:

  • Roger Earth, River Angel
  • Gini Ewers, Finding Connections
  • Marge Witt, My Blue Heron

Monroe State Award Winners:

  • Jeanne Asmus, Cemetery Prairie Burn
  • Elaine Bethke, Jenny & The Duck
  • Rich Hager, Ozone Layer III

Cambridge Honorable Mention:

  • Ron Baeseman, Cracked ICE Pond
  • Varla Bishop, This is My Turf
  • John Bittner, Dream Castle
  • Becky Brockman-Schneider, January’s Invitation
  • Linda Camino, Artist in a Storm
  • Nancy Endres, Muckross Abbey, Ireland
  • Carol Gepner, Lunch in Ghana
  • Sandy Haspl, Your Friendly Neighborhood Coyote
  • Ruth Jones, Mimi
  • Nancy McKinnon, Beyond My Imagination
  • Mike McKinnon, Shadow into Light II
  • Hannah Pinkerton, Vernal Equinox
  • Lynette Redner, Across the Wild Land
  • Robin Taylor, Palm Fronds
  • Teresa Vicars, Chipotle on State

Cambridge State Award Winners:

  • June Buchanan, Turtle Talk
  • Wendy Crone, Tarry a Little While with Me
  • Jacy Eckerman, A Merry Dreary Day
  • KJ Forest, River Scene
  • Jill Jensen, Indian Summer
  • Elizabeth Kelly, Meditations on 360 Degrees
  • Marilyn Knipfer, Falls at Gov. Dodge Park
  • Alison Meschke, Culvert
  • Janet Nelson, Blooming Birds
  • Judy Patenaude, Stand Alone
  • Sharon Stauffer, Haughty Lady
  • Mary Tilton, Mirrored Image
  • Barbara Vater, Attention to Detail
  • Pam Veitenheimer, Prancing Poppies
  • Douglas Yu, Ginkgo

Burlington State Award Winners:

  • Sherry Ackerman, Sleepless in Cottage Grove
  • Judy Arvidson, Lunchtime up North
  • John Bittner, Kohlmar, France
  • Dorae Bowen, Strings of my Heart
  • Tammy Bozer, Pine Tree Falls
  • Gillian Graffy, Is Spring Coming?
  • Karen Nell McKean, Spread Your Wings
  • Nancy Neider, Apples and Peanut Butter
  • Ann Schubert, Gone Fishing
  • Mary Steinhardt, Time to Show
  • Katherine Weber, Summer Gold
  • Jan Wood, Hawk Spirit #2
  • Mark Yanny, Tidepool Seaweed

Burlington Honorable Mention:

  • Donnette Behar, Hidden in the Woods
  • Carolyn Brady, Hedgerow
  • Judith Getz Buzzell, Lao Ren
  • Joan Carr, Sunflowers
  • Jeanne Hannula, The Iris
  • Doris Ann Hayes, Safety
  • Sybil Brauneis Klug, Village Sights along the Camino
  • Edith Kubicek, Lobster Buoys
  • Susan Nitzke, Humpty Dumpty
  • Marilyn Olson, Garden Chair
  • Ginny Sullivan, Vampires Beware!
  • Gail Weber, Perfect in Pink
  • Jimmy Yanny, Kickapoo Tractor

Prairie du Sac State Award Winners:

  • Eunice Bethke, Waterlily on Blue
  • David Carpenter, Paris-Sainte Chapelle
  • Silvia Cavagnero, Deja
  • Terrence Doeler, Ready to Rumble
  • Owen Gwynne, Drawing #453
  • Sandy Haspl, Days of Wine and Roses
  • Rebecca Herb, Hen’s Night Out
  • Susan Hunt, Ladies at the Dance
  • Janet Parrell, San Francisco Blues
  • Sharon Stauffer, Jester
  • Mary Janet Wellensiek, Cranberry Bush Viburnum

Prairie du Sac Honorable Mention:

  • Eunice Bethke, Waterlily on Blue
  • Carol Gepner, Museum Peace
  • Sandy Haspl, Days of Wine and Roses
  • Janet Parrell, San Francisco Blues
  • Sharon Stauffer, Jester
  • Mary Janet Wellensiek, Cranberry Bush Viburnum

Madison State Award Winners:

  • Kathryn Akbik, Northwoods Nocturne 2
  • Pamela Alsum, A Woman’s Path
  • Terri Beck-Engel, Compassion Breaks Through That Which Fears
  • Judith Bradshaw-Rouse, Untitled
  • Linda Camino, My Family
  • Lynn (Lingju) Chu, Eternity
  • Wendy Crone, Oak Hill
  • Guillermo Do Pico, The Orange by the Urns
  • Karen Faller, Nestled
  • Roberta M. Haakinson, Happiness on a String
  • Rebecca Herb, Lillies of the Woods
  • Susan Hunt, Untitled
  • Annette Knapstein, Awaken I
  • Patricia Leathers, Goldie
  • Kathryn Lederhause, Nodding Tulips
  • Karen Nell McKean, Lady Rose
  • Cheryl Mocadlo, Fruit of the Vine
  • Katherine Murphy, Feeling Blue
  • Hannah Pinkerton, African Landscapes
  • Susan Porubcan, Clementines
  • Rick Santovec, Black Lives REALLY Do Matter
  • Eve Scheffenacker, Abloom
  • Patricia Stinger, Wingra Moon
  • Robin Taylor, Fall Berries
  • Joel Wish, Sunset at Pheasant Branch
  • Vina Yang, A Day at Festival
  • Richard Yanke, Breakthrough

Madison Honorable Mention:

  • Anne Albrecht, Black Earth Creek
  • Varla Bishop, Handcrafted Baskets
  • Becky Brockman-Schneider, A Walk at Nine Springs
  • Silvia Cavagnero, The Smell of Sadness
  • C.K. Chang, Taiwan Countryside I
  • Shuiping Dai, Wind
  • Camille Danielson, Summer Salsa
  • Shirley A. Diedrich, Centuries of Solutions
  • Gini Ewers, Reflections on a Basket
  • Jeanne Fickinger, Again!
  • KJ Forest, Portrait of Gandolf the Cat
  • Carol Gepner, Anna’s Baby
  • Bob Hodgson, Quetico
  • Carolyn Knorr, Emergence – Plate 2
  • Jean Lang, Near Mazomanie
  • Alison Meschke, Randy the Mountain Man
  • Time Muldowney, Looking Over at Bailey’s Harbor
  • Diane Pellowe, Stone
  • Gerald Podraza, Minnesota Route 52
  • William R. Schuele, Fake Dawn – Nov. 9, 2016 to Nov. 3 2020
  • Christina Thomas-Virnig, California Garden
  • Teresa Vicars, 658 State Street
  • Ernst Wiegeshaus, One of the Immortals: Li Tieguai
  • Tracy Wiklund, Little Boy, Big Pants
  • Barbara Zellmer, Across the Bay
  • Nan Zimdars, First Pansies of Spring

Beloit State Award Winners:

  • John Bittner, Oldie
  • Alice Blue, Spring Treat
  • Gary Dencker, Mountain Meadows
  • Roberta Haakinson, Red Veggies
  • Sue Herring, Barcelona Lighthouse
  • Marc Moyer, Sunset on the Lake
  • Norm Starks, Yesterday Waning
  • Katherine Weber, Ripe on the Vine
  • John Yost, Closed Red Tulip

Beloit Honorable Mention:

  • Kathryn Akbik, Migration
  • Deb Hall, Bubble Light Blast
  • Hannah Nickolai, 13 Tulips
  • Gerald Podraza, Stage Coach Trail
  • Susan Porubcan, Back in the Day
  • Katie Swanson, Castles
  • Pam Veitenheimer, Easter
  • Gail Weber, Felted Silk Scarf
  • Anita Wildermuth, UFFDA

Corrected Janesville Winners:

Due to technical errors, some information from the Janesville WRAP was incorrect and missing inside of Contour Notes. Here is the complete list of the State Award and Honorable Mention Winners.

Janesville State Award Winners:

  • John Bittner with Old Mill, acrylic
  • Kurt Buggs with Chinook, woodcarving
  • Judith Buzzell with Slow Tap, watercolor batik on rice paper
  • Estella Fena with Agatha’s Cottage, acrylic
  • Carna Grover with Full Moon, fiber art
  • Debra Hall with Bedazzled, photography
  • Brian Hartmann with Hidden Windows, watercolor
  • Candice Haugdahl with Weeping Rock, photography
  • Doris Ann Hayes with Contemplation, black and white photography on canvas
  • Sue Herring with Carrot Cake, oil
  • Barbara Hoch with Shades of Summer, watercolor
  • Barbara Leonard with A Lifetime of Recipes, All Six of Them, art book/watercolor
  • Barbara Mathews with Hula Hooper, watercolor
  • Mike McKinnon with Nature’s Canvas, photography
  • Troy Nelson with Ripples, digital photography on metal
  • Susan Porubcan with Spring Thaw, watercolor
  • William Sahagian with On County J, acrylic
  • Robert Smiley with Hours Spent, Minute Maid, oil
  • Ed Stried with Waiting for the Tide, photography
  • Susan Sullivan with Fall Colors, framed photography
  • Kathy Walton with Berries, watercolor

Janesville Honorable Mention:

  • Kathryn Akbik with Frida Kahlo Portrait Vase, stoneware
  • Jeanne Ausmus with Brostuen Road Residents, colored pencil
  • Susan Cullen with For Dad, watercolor
  • Linda Davis with Coming Home, mixed media
  • Richard Desens with Wormhole, acrylic
  • Claudiadair Fitzgerald with Purple Abstract Sunrise, watercolor
  • Barbara Kelsey with Still Life on Color, oil
  • Steve Lundgren with “316”, photography
  • Karen McKean with Flutter of Swallows, oil on canvas
  • Nancy McKinnon with Under The Sea, mixed media
  • Marsha Mood with Rudbeckia, photography
  • Marc Moyer with Into the Valley of Shadows, digital
  • Jacki Prisk with Intense Poppies, watercolor
  • Ann Pedder Reilly with Hoo’s There, photography
  • Jann Roethe with Breezy Poppies, collage
  • Deb Shimondle with Stairway to Heaven, watercolor
  • Pegge Suhm with Attitude, watercolor
  • Katie Swanson with Flower Cat, ceramic
  • Pam Veitenheimer with Entering the House of Baldaccio Bruni, acrylic
  • Katherine Weber with Widow’s Tears, watercolor on terraskin
  • Jan Wood with The Best Is Yet To Come (Portrait of Katherine Weber), alcohol ink

Corrected Sun Prairie Winners:

Due to technical errors, some information from the Sun Prairie WRAP was incorrect and missing inside of Contour Notes. Here is the complete list of the State Award and Honorable Mention Winners.

Sun Prairie State Award Winners:

  • Terri Beck-Engel, Hope Sings its Own Song
  • Tammy Bozer, The Watch
  • Wendy Crone, A Walk Across Half Moon Lake
  • Eunice Eide, A Splash of Poppies
  • Nancy Endres, Make It Gold
  • Rebecca Herb, Under Attack
  • Anne Irish, Mr. bear
  • Elizabeth Kelly, Drive to the End of the World II
  • Alison Meschke, Labor of Love
  • Lynette Redner, Morning Feed: Sandhill Cranes
  • Dongjiao  Sun, Through the Waves
  • Teresa Vicars, Moonberries
  • Katherine Weber, Wasp Nest

Sun Prairie Honorable Mention:

  • Susan Archer, Pink Praire Delight
  • Shirley Diedrich, Meditation 3
  • KJ Forest, Siberian Iris
  • Carol Gepner, Ghanian Lunch
  • Mitzie/Marilyn Kringle/Knipfer, Flora and Petal 2.0
  • Cindy Leverenz, Henry
  • Patricia MacDonald, Storm Warning
  • Jacqueline Martindale, Winter Feraniums
  • Karen Nell McKean, Lady Rose
  • Jackie/Joan Orc/O’Connor, Loving Annabel
  • Hannah Pinkerton, Crabby Apples
  • Susan Porubcan, Cushman Dam
  • Ron Semmann, Maria’s Playground: Baja