Online classes in music theory, composition, and culture

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What: Online classes in music theory, composition, and culture

When: Ongoing

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Online Music Classes

Online music courses allow you to pursue your musical dreams. Build basic musical literacy, study music composition, or delve into music history and culture. Many courses include individual instruction and feedback.

Celtic Musical Traditions

Journey through time to explore the diverse worlds and musicians that have given birth to the sound of Celtic music as we know it today

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Create Your Own Music

If you’ve ever wanted to compose your own music, this course is for you! For beginners and experienced composers. Basic music-notation skills required.

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How Music Works: The Tools of Music Theory

This comprehensive study of music theory provides a complete set of tools handy for either a lifelong interest in music or preparing to take college entrance exams. Explore theoretical concepts in the context of real-world projects through the repertoires of famous composers.

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Music Theory: Choose Your Topic

Design your own course around a theory topic of your choice and enjoy one-on-one instruction. Create a course that covers a specific topic such as species counterpoint, how to write a melody, or how to put together basic chord progressions; or choose another topic with the instructor’s consent.

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