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Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

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What: Emotional Intelligence is now recognized as a key leadership and team member skill. These five workshops focus on multiple approaches for building authentic work relationships and improving group process and learning.

Where: The Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St, Madison, WI or Lowell Center, 610 Langdon St.

Questions: Contact Laura V. Page at or 608-890-3627.



Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Relationships Matter

Only through authentic relationships can we hope to create communities that sustain each of us—communities that treat every individual with respect and dignity, that welcome multiple perspectives, use conflict creatively, and elicit our best actions based on integrity. Whether or not you have a “formal” leadership role, everyone has the potential to be an emotionally intelligent leader. Learn how to make relationships matter at work, home, and in the community through these engaging programs.

The Art of Conflict Transformation

Conflict is something most people want to avoid, yet it’s a natural part of life. When approached with integrity, curiosity, and compassion, conflict can open us to new possibilities and deepen our relationships. This workshop will help you embrace both-and thinking, transforming conflict into win-win solutions. Discover how to increase your comfort in dealing with … Continued

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Honoring Our Common Differences: Leadership for Inclusivity

Inclusivity is the practice of radical hospitality, where people of diverse social and cultural groups experience uncompromising respect and dignity. Inclusive leaders value and actively encourage multiple perspectives. They create positive, collaborative environments in which people feel safe to be themselves and engage in their best work. Gain insights into unconscious bias and inclusivity on … Continued

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How to Energize Your Workshops and Turn on the Learning

Do you need to conduct a workshop but have no formal training on how to do so? Have you been doing the same workshop repeatedly and are looking for ways to liven it up? Are you tired of doing all the talking in your workshops and want to get your audience more involved? Learn the … Continued

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The Joy of Meetings: Recipes for Success

Ever been to a meeting that was flat as a pancake, or in danger of boiling over? The missing ingredient in many meetings is an outcome-based agenda that uses people’s time well, focuses energy, and supports more productive work before, during, and after meetings. Course materials include the book The Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making … Continued

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Listening for a Change: Skills for Dialogue

Only through true listening and understanding can we hope to create communities of integrity that sustain us and elicit our best actions. Whether you’re facilitating a discussion among members of your family, workplace, or faith community, you can learn to listen with curiosity and welcome multiple perspectives. Counts as an MLMC elective or a CPM … Continued

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