Workplace Negotiation Skills - Special Women's Section

The ability to confidently and successfully negotiate is a critical foundational skill for anyone building stronger relationships and moving things forward. Research consistently shows that men generally feel more confident in comparison to women in a negotiation situation, succeed at higher rates, and initiate negotiations more frequently than women. During this session, we'll explore strategies that will help women more confidently engage in all types of negotiations. We'll share a model that will help you understand your natural negotiation style, its strengths and its opportunities. We'll introduce an easy process that will improve your negotiation success, and work through multiple real-life scenarios.

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What: Workplace Negotiation Skills - Special Women's Section

When: Last offered Oct 18, 2017. Check back for next offering.

Where: University Research Park, MGE Innovation Center, 510 Charmany Dr., Madison, WI

Cost: Standard: $255 | Govt./Non-Profit*: $195 | Lunch Included | *This rate is available to nonprofit and public sector organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit educational institutions. For questions about eligibility, please contact the program director.

Continuing education credit: 6 hours (0.6 CEUs)

Instructor: Allison Cooley

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For additional information, contact Laura V. Page: 608-890-3627

Learning objectives

  • Understand innate and learned behaviors, especially those related to gender roles, that can impact the outcome of negotiation, problem solving or conflict management situations.
  • Identify and overcome gender role perceptions that can drain power in negotiation situations.
  • Understand a participant’s natural negotiation style and identify strategies for adapting this style to the situation and to the other negotiators’ gender and styles to improve the chance of a positive outcome.
  • Apply a systematic process to increase the likelihood of success in a negotiation situation.
  • Confidently initiate and engage in high-stakes conversations that result in mutually agreeable outcomes that build trust and leave relationships stronger.