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Refine your command of advanced grammar topics, such as past uses of the subjunctive tenses and conditional phrases in this highly practical low-advanced class that combines our best in-person instruction with online resources to keep you learning between classes. Learn to use effectively complex structures in speaking and writing as you discuss the culture, literature, geography, and politics of the Spanish-speaking world. Textbooks required. Prerequisite: Spanish 5.

Note: You will not be able to view the course on your Canvas Dashboard or access the materials until the course start date.

Course Format:

Instructional videos and interactive online materials in the Canvas course platform introduce new grammar and vocabulary and teach pronunciation, listening and reading skills. Participants should budget 3–4 hours a week to work through the online asynchronous materials in preparation for the live online conversation groups. Participants practice speaking live with the instructor in weekly sessions. All participants will meet with the instructor for the entire hour. The instructor will provide opportunities to practice speaking in small groups using Zoom breakout rooms in addition to practicing with the entire group. Participants should be available for the entire one-hour time slot. Online course materials available one week before first live conversation class and remain accessible for one month after the course ends.

Want to know more about learning a language online? Read Dr. Julie Dahl’s blog post about our online course format.

Textbook and workbook purchase required: Spanish 5 & 6 textbook and workbook

Course Outline

Lesson 1: With your whole heart

Themes and communication goals

  • Talking about appearance and character
  • Feelings and changing emotions
  • Relationships and conflicts

Language skills

  • More on ser vs. estar
  • More on subjunctive vs. indicative


  • Famous people in the Spanish-speaking world
  • El azafrán

Lesson 2: Review of Spanish 5

Lesson 3: The important moments in life

Themes and communication goals

  • Celebrations
  • Important events
  • Well-wishing
  • Beauty
  • Convictions and values

Language skills

  • Vestirse and soler
  • Subjunctive after cuando, mientras, aunque
  • Pero vs. sino


  • Quinceñeras
  • Weddings
  • Baptisms
  • El tomate

Lesson 4: Worlds in contact

Themes and communication goals

  • Cultures and societies
  • Climates and scenery
  • Taking notes
  • Preparing a presenting
  • Reporting others ideas

Language skills

  • Perfect subjunctive
  • Indirect style in the past
  • Nature
  • Geography


  • Puerto Rico
  • Languages of Bolivia
  • Spanglish
  • El jamón

Lesson 5: Politics and social movements

Themes and communication goals

  • Politics and social movements
  • Protest and rights
  • Hopes and dreams

Language skills

  • Imperfect subjunctive
  • If clauses
  • Expressing obligation
  • Unreal comparisons
  • Culture
  • Los indignados 15-M
  • Terrorism
  • El aceite

Lesson 6: Let's review and practice!

Earn Continuing Education Hours

By participating in this class you will earn:

Instructional Hours 16.5
University of Wisconsin Continuing Education Units 1.65

Explanation of Continuing Education Hours

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