UWCPC – Participant Testimonials

Hear what students say about the program

“I couldn’t begin to imagine the excellence this program offered despite its great reputation. There were components of greatness that weren’t known to me prior to participating — for example, the priceless learning that came from close evaluation by supervisor coaches. The entire program was finely structured with pedagogical genius — every style of learning was given attention so that we could master the components and skills throughout our instructional time.”

UWCPC alum

Pam Peterson (Director of Human Services and Organizational Development, UW Credit Union) tells us what sold her on the UWCPC program, even though she already had a coaching background.

Richard Wilberg (Wilberg LLC) on the strengths of the program, like being able to apply what he’s learned and see the results immediately, and learning as part of a cohort.

Anne Norman (Sr VP & CMO, UW Credit Union) talks about how her experience in the program has impacted her work managing and leading teams at her company, and how she balanced the program with a full-time job.

Lin Grace Rohr (Spiritual Guidance LLC) on the instructors and support staff: “They’ve done a phenomenal job of having the program weave in and out between theory and practice.”