UWCPC – General information for 2019-2020

General information for 2019-2020

Blended-learning format

Professional Life Coaching Certificate, 2014-2015 cohort

Covering 10 months (September-June), the UWCPC includes 5 face-to-face classes (3 days each; Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm, and Fridays from 9am to 4pm), plus 6 teleconferences (1.5 hours each, Tuesdays 11:30-1pm). Teleconferences can be done in the convenience of your own home or office. It has a total of 125 hours of instruction time, more than required by the International Coach Federation, the accrediting body for coaching. You also spend approximately 10 hours per week on readings and other assignments outside of class.

The UWCPC is a cohort program: You begin and complete it with the same group of learners. The UWCPC concludes with a written exam, a coaching performance exam, and a comprehensive paper and presentation.


A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is preferred. In addition, you must be willing to engage in reflection and self-examination and be open to feedback.


All content, including teaching and materials of the UWCPC, is in the English language.

Technology requirements:

Computer, recording tools (to create MP3 files), high-speed internet access, and phone (for teleconferences). We use teleconference software and the University of Wisconsin learning platform Learn@UW. You do not need experience with these tools prior to beginning the program, however you MUST HAVE basic computer skills.

ICF accreditation

Accredited Coach Training Program seal

The UWCPC is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) through the International Coach Federation (ICF), the accrediting body for coaching. ACTP accredited programs are all inclusive training programs, which offer start to finish coach training. Graduates of an ACTP program may apply for an individual ICF Credential including the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and the Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Watch as Magdalena Mook, CEO and Executive Director of the International Coach Federation (ICF), explains why it’s important to choose an ICF-accredited coach training program.


UWCPC provides 125 hours of instruction time, or 12.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), for people in a variety of professions including, but not limited to, HR, marketing, ministry, social work, finance, manufacturing, medicine, and education.


Professional Life Coaching Certificate course mates talking.

2019-2020 year: A $35 nonrefundable application fee is required with the application. The cost of the program is $8,900 and includes instruction, supervision by International Coach Federation-certified coaches, course materials, and textbook. Lunch is included for some face-to-face instruction days.

Participants are responsible for costs associated with some meals, lodging, transportation, and for hiring their own life coach. Hiring a coach could range approximately from $500-$1,500 depending on the coach.

Payment plan

A $500 deposit is required at registration. 50% of your remaining balance is due on or before July 31, 2019 and your remaining balance is due on or before January 10, 2020.

If you withdraw on or before July 31, 2019, you receive a full refund of the cost minus $100 administrative fee. After July 31, 2019, no refund is given.

Housing information

If you need accommodations, we recommend that you stay at Lowell Center, 610 Langdon Street, Madison WI, 866-301-1753, or at The Graduate, 601 Langdon Street, Madison WI, 608-257-4391.