Advanced Dementia Care Specialist Certificate

Due to pandemic related staffing and financial constraints, the Advanced Dementia Care Specialist Certificate will no longer be accepting new enrollments. Classes within the Certificate series are still available for enrollment as stand-alone classes with Continuing Education (CE) hours.

Why advanced dementia care professional development?

Evidence-based research on quality dementia care indicates that professionals caring for persons living in mid-late stage dementia require knowledge and skills that address the complexity of medical and psychosocial care.

The Advanced Dementia Care Specialist Certificate provides a deeper examination of treatment and management options designed to improve patient and client safety as well as medical and psychosocial outcomes that reinforce personhood for persons with mid-to-late stages of dementia. Leading clinical and research experts from UW–Madison and the region will engage participants in a comprehensive learning experience, designed to build their expertise in quality advanced dementia care.

Certificate classes

Have Questions?

For more information on the Advanced Dementia Care Specialist Certificate, contact certificate coordinator Jenee Jerome at jenee.jerome.wisc.edu.

Certificate requirements

  1. Attend the upcoming Summer Institute on Advanced Dementia Care Live Online event (7 Continuing Education Hours, 0.7 CEU) on June 11, 2021.
  2. Take any eight day-long classes of your choice (5 Continuing Education Hours per class, $160/class). Note: The fall and spring semester classes will be different to provide plenty of options for students to choose from.
  3. When you have completed attending classes, write a final paper:
    • Choose a topic from one of the eight classes you attended; i.e. BPSD, Sleep Disorders, Sexuality, Conflict Resolution, Speech and Language Pathology, etc.
    • Once you have identified your topic, determine a key theme or argument you want to support.
    • Use citations from class lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, and professional articles.
    • Include a bibliography of the resources cited in your paper.
    • 3-5 pages, double spaced.
    • Send completed papers to Jenee Jerome at jenee.jerome@wisc.edu.
    • Final papers must be submitted by June 30th in order to be considered for completing the certificate.
  4. As mentioned at the top of the page, due to pandemic related staffing and financial constraints, the Advanced Dementia Care Specialist Certificate will no longer be accepting new enrollments. Currently enrolled participants who intend to complete the Certificate need to complete all elements by June 30th.

The total number of Continuing Education Hours for the Advanced Dementia Care Specialist Certificate is 50 (5 CEUs). This includes the Summer Institute (10 hours) and eight 5-hour classes.

If you have questions about the certificate or your progress through the requirements of the certificate, please contact Jenee Jerome at jenee.jerome@wisc.edu.

Upon completion you will receive:

Upon completion you will receive a framed Advanced Dementia Care Specialist Certificate of Completion from UW–Madison Division of Continuing Studies, along with a letter verifying the certificate requirements, courses taken and continuing education hours (CEUs) earned.

Your instructors

Kay Adams

Credentials: LCSW

Kay Adams is a coach, educator, clinician, writer, speaker and trainer. She is the founder of Compassion Works, LLC, which provides individualized dementia coaching, advance care planning, workshops and educational offerings to families, professional care partners and organizations on a variety of topics related to dementia. In addition, Kay is also a certified dementia consultant and trainer for Teepa Snow and Positive Approach to Care.

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