Certificate Programs

UW–Madison Continuing Studies offers noncredit certificate programs for a variety of professions

UW–Madison Continuing Studies certificate programs can provide you with what you need to advance in the workplace, become an effective leader, or even begin a new career path. These interactive and engaging programs are taught by industry professionals and cover relevant and current topics.


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Ongoing certificate programs

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Behavioral Health

NEW: Advanced Dementia Care Specialist Certificate

  • Professionals caring for persons living in mid-to-late stage dementia require knowledge and skills that address the complexity of medical and psychosocial care. This certificate provides a deeper examination of treatment and management options designed to improve patient and client safety as well as medical and psychosocial outcomes that reinforce personhood for persons with mid-to-late stages of dementia.

End of Life Palliative Care Counseling Certificate

  • This certificate is intended to prepare all of us, whether we are social workers, counselors, ministers, nurses, hospital or hospice personnel, retirement or nursing home workers, or just plain conscientious, concerned individuals, to address the needs of people in the final phases of life.

Grief Support Specialist Certificate Program — In Person

  • The Grief Support Specialist Certificate training program is designed to equip counselors, clergy, coaches, educators, and other healthcare personnel with necessary counseling tools focused upon assisting people in finding healing in the midst of loss, whether that loss be a death, a divorce, destruction due to drug abuse, or any other traumatic personal devastation. Registrants attend 5 day-long classes taught by experts skilled in various dimensions of grief therapy and, following the classes, produce a paper or special project.

Grief Support Specialist Certificate Program — Online

  • Our first-of-its-kind Grief Support Specialist Certificate training program, offered online.

Motivational Interviewing Certificate Program

  • Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based method of promoting behavioral change across a wide range of settings, problems, and populations. Choose a two-day introduction to MI, or the full five-day course leading to a Certificate of Completion in Advancing Practice in Motivational Interviewing.


Online Business Spanish Certificate

  • Get the language skills and cultural knowledge you need to conduct business successfully in Spain and Latin America. Highly practical, this 2-course program will teach you to navigate cultural differences and to use professional language and register rarely taught in traditional Spanish courses but essential to effective negotiation in Spanish.


Certified Public Manager® Program

  • The Wisconsin Certified Public Manager® (CPM) Program is a 300-hour nationally accredited management development program that prepares managers in federal, state, and local government and in tribal and non-profit organizations for the challenges and unique demands of the public management profession. The program includes classroom instruction with practical application via written projects and group work. You may get certified with a self-directed, open-enrollment program or with a cohort group, or take individual classes if your end goal isn’t certification.

Mid-level Management Certificate (MLMC)

  • This new multi-program certificate will equip mid-level functional and technical managers with deeper knowledge and effective tools to lead within their immediate area of responsibility and impact the success of their wider organization.

Professional Trainer’s Certificate

  • Topics include: adult learning principles; needs assessment; curriculum design, development, and delivery; and training and teaching techniques. Learners are required to present and facilitate a learning activity to complete the certificate.

Project Management Certificate

  • Learn tools and techniques to be an effective project manager, and how to build commitment among stakeholders and identify the qualities your organization needs in order to support project management. Practice project management through team-based activities related to actual or simulated projects. Experienced project managers share examples of successful project management in areas such as information technology, planning and development, or public health.

Servant Leadership Certificate

  • Examine in-depth the core aspects of Servant Leadership, guided by skilled servant leaders. This certificate program is open to aspiring servant-leaders including people in public-sector, nonprofit, human services, business, health care, religious, and other organizations. It includes five one-day modules: 1: Servant Leadership Foundations; 2: Artful Leadership through Self-Knowledge; 3: Building Community and Developing Others; 4: Stewardship of Organizational Resources; and 5: Servant Leadership Project: Recognition and Reflection. Module 1 is a prerequisite for all other modules. Modules 1-4 are required prior to Module 5.

Professional Coaching

UW Certified Professional Coach Certificate

  • Do you want to help people change their lives? Do you enjoy guiding, inspiring, and empowering others? Are you seeking a way to independently achieve your goals? If you answered “yes” to those questions, the UW Certified Professional Coach Certificate (formerly the PLCC) is designed for you. Through a 10-month series of face-to-face classes and teleconferences, you’ll become an expert at helping others see new perspectives, get unstuck, and find the courage to take bold action for change—all while enhancing your own self-awareness and achieving professional credentialing and certification as a life coach.

Performance Coaching Skills for Managers Certificate

  • Do you want to help employees work more effectively, foster better workplace communication and collaboration, and create a culture of connectedness? Develop coaching skills in a highly interactive environment.

Substance Use Disorders

Substance Use Disorders Certificate Program

  • The Substance Use Disorders Certificate Program is a comprehensive series of six one-day courses that supplement your professional clinical training and strengthen your knowledge of all aspects of substance abuse issues and treatment. Taking the six courses in sequence is recommended, but you may also attend individual programs without working towards the certificate.

Teaching Online

Creating Presence in Online Courses

  • Creating a sense of instructor presence is crucial for fostering learner engagement and community in an online learning environment. This four week mini-course approaches online presence in a multi-dimensional way from the perspectives of both instructor and student.

Fundamentals of Online Teaching (FoOT)

  • Gain a basic overview of the knowledge and skills you need to teach in the online environment. Key topics include online course models, characteristics of online learners, understanding your role as an online instructor, how to plan content and learning activities, and strategies to manage courses.

Online Education Administration

  • As colleges and universities continue to expand their online courses and degree programs, the management and administration of these offerings becomes essential. In this certificate program, you will learn how to create a campus culture of acceptance of online learning and become more strategic with distance learning initiatives, including developing effective policies and procedures. You will also explore strategies for improving the quality of online programs as well as student support services.

Professional Certificate in Online Education

  • The Professional Certificate in Online Education (PCOE) will help you apply proven strategies to enhance your knowledge, skill, and credibility in teaching online. Key topics include contextual factors of online education; essential teaching and learning principles for online environments; effects of technology on education at a distance; and writing learning objectives, creating online activities, and designing online assessments. The certificate culminates in an ePortfolio in which you will demonstrate both your skills in planning online learning and your ability to articulate the rationale underlying your choices.


Certificate in Literary Writing

  • Get the foundational knowledge, skills, and practical experience required to write successfully and to write well. Regardless of your motivations for writing or your goals for publishing, striving for excellence means learning to write well.


At a glance

What: Certificate programs for professional development in a wide range of fields

Who: Taught by leading educators, clinicians, and subject-matter experts from UW–Madison and around the world

Certification/when: Programs meet multiple requirements and standards for continuing education, see individual certificate program for details