The word opportunity spelled out in colorful tiles

Find ways to create opportunities during pandemic

Seven tips for creating career opportunities during challenging times.

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A woman stares to her right as she sits at a table with a laptop in front of her.

Resources for dealing with fear and isolation in a time of job uncertainty

There’s no sugarcoating it: Navigating a pandemic is hard, but when you throw a precarious economy and potential job loss into the mix, it can be downright terrifying. As a career counselor, I’ve been helping …

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Shot of a young businesswoman looking thoughtful while working at her desk in a modern office

Career stalled? What to do next

A career counselor explains how to find new motivation in your work and keep your career moving forward.

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group of people sitting around a table, including a person in a wheelchair and people of color

Expert answers questions on workplace diversity and inclusion

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is not only the right thing to do, it’s better for the bottom line. But many still struggle with what it means to value equity—and how to do it. …

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notebook with "2020 goals" sitting next to coffee cup and phone and pen

7 new year’s resolutions to enrich your life—and how to accomplish them

It’s that time of year when the festivities are over, and the pressure is on to make good on the goals you set for yourself in 2020. Some people are capable of keeping resolutions without …

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Thoughtful businesswoman looking out window reflecting trees

Is Moving Into Management Right for You?

A career counselor explores motivations for a move into management and if it’s right for you.

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conversation between two woman; one woman has her back to the camera

Discussing accommodations or other needs with your employer

Two years ago, I found myself in a medical crisis. A car accident resulted in multiple, ongoing symptoms that made doing my job incredibly difficult. But I’m lucky to have a great employer. I worked …

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Female job applicant feeling nervous at job interview with potential employer.

How to recover from a job interview blunder

A career counselor explains common interview blunders and how to fix them.

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Arthur Ashe: exemplar of advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity

A competitor and a peacemaker, Ashe improved nearly every person and institution fortunate enough to be part of his journey.

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Gain job experience UW-Madison Career Corner

How to get experience in your field if you can’t get hired

Seven tips for getting the experience you need for the job you want

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Graphic of digital technology experience

Nelson Baker shares skills that help adult students succeed online

Adult learners are no different than undergraduates: they need services and guidance that allow them to succeed throughout their careers. Or, as Dr. Nelson Baker thinks about it, universities need to meet the needs of …

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two women sitting at a table shaking hands, as seen from above

Tips for a successful informational interview

A career and education counselor tells job seekers how to best reach out.

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