career myths

Busting career myths

Advice from career counselor Moira Kelley: Don’t be afraid to try something new.

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returning adult college student

Returning to college as an adult? Here’s how to ease the transition.

If you’re returning to college as an adult, you’re not alone. Students over age 25 are the fastest-growing population in higher education. Here are some ways to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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professionals shaking hands; networking

Networking through authentic connections

This approach involves viewing fellow professionals as people, rather than as stepping stones on your path to success.

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goal plan action

Talking with your supervisor about career goals

Growing in your profession doesn’t always have to mean getting a promotion.

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Professional woman holding pen

How to make your cover letter shine

Convince the hiring team you’re an excellent fit for the job they’re offering, not just a job in your field or at their company.

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Survival skills for a new workplace

Soft skills will help you understand how your new team works and adapt to the organization’s culture.

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So you want to see a career counselor?

The outcome of a session will be proportional to the amount of effort you invest.

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Are you ready for the career challenges of 2018?

Whether you’re looking for a job, changing careers or setting goals for the future, get ready for the next challenge with this quiz by a University of Wisconsin-Madison career counselor.

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Dealing with questionable job-interview questions

Some questions can violate the law.

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The care and feeding of professional references

Develop authentic relationships with professional references and make an effort to stay connected.

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job interview

When should you consider a pay cut?

Accepting a big promotion is a no-brainer, but taking a pay cut is a different story. When should you consider it?

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digital footprint

Cleaning up your digital footprint

Even if you’re content in your current position, a filthy footprint can stop your career in its tracks. Here are some tips on keeping it clean.

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