Ten winners enjoy discounted classes in summer’s Lifelong Learning Giveaway

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Continuing Studies offered a Lifelong Learning Giveaway in its Summer Catalog. Among those who entered before the May 13 deadline, 10 people were randomly selected to win $100 off on a summer class.

Congratulations to the winners:

Brenda Benisch – Morrisonville, Wis.

Dawn Berry – Madison, Wis.

Caissa Casarez – Madison, Wis.

LaVerne Duncan – Williams Bay, Wis.

Alex Farfan – El Segundo, Cal.

Karen Goldstein – Jamaica, N.Y.

Kari Knowles – Madison, Wis.

Catherine Kutka – Galena, Ill.

Jennifer Read Levenson – Madison, Wis.

David Parker – Madison, Wis.

“Our Summer 2016 offerings are an opportunity to find your best self,” says Jeffrey Russell, dean of Continuing Studies and vice provost for Lifelong Learning. “Perhaps that means trying an art class when you’ve not picked up a brush since grammar school. Or exploring a language from a culture that’s always intrigued you. Or earning a certificate that moves you to enlightenment or opportunity in your career.”

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