Should we nix the Star-Spangled Banner?

A recent national poll revealed that a majority of Americans would prefer to sing a new American anthem than try to warble Francis Scott Key’s musical composition (circa 1814). It seems very few are enamored with the multi-range “Star-Spangled Banner.”

A follow-up question in the poll showed most U.S. citizens would chose rock legend Bruce Springsteen as the person who could best compose the new ode that would express their patriotism to this great country. (Dolly Parton came in second place.)

What do you think? Is Bruce up to the job? If not, who is?

Or would you like to learn how to compose the new national anthem?

UW-Madison Continuing Studies offers two online courses that can get you going on the job—Music Theory: Choose Your Own Topic and Create Your Own Music.

Dr. Jamie Henke, who has won several UW awards for her innovative teaching, is instructor for both courses. Henke, of Continuing Studies, reports that some of her online students have had their musical compositions publicly performed and successfully published.

Now it’s your turn.