Rethinking Leadership conference provides new insights for a wide range of leaders

Leadership infographic

In a rapidly changing workforce, the best leaders are those who take the time to reflect on their approach and continually add to their toolkit. That’s the idea behind Rethinking Leadership: Insights and Application of New Perspectives, a June 9 conference sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Continuing Studies. A wide range of sessions will give both aspiring and established leaders a chance to explore key issues not often included in traditional seminars.

Oscar Mireles
Keynote speaker Oscar Mireles will inspire attendees to find a unique path to leadership based on their own strengths and interests.

How much information should you share with employees? How do you inspire newer employees who have a different sense of loyalty? How do you rebuild trust after it has been lost or facilitate a meeting that has gotten bogged down? In Madison’s Monona Terrace Convention Center, experienced presenters will address these and other provocative topics in a discussion-oriented format. Participants can attend three of the 15 sessions, along with a lunch and a keynote speech by community leader Oscar Mireles.

“The sessions at Rethinking Leadership are more focused and edgy than what you’d find at most leadership conferences,” says event director Laura V. Page. “They reflect the wide range of skills necessary to be a good leader, from technical to personal to interpersonal.”

Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson will shed light on ‘Talent Acquisition Today.’

‘Leadership opportunities are everywhere’

The variety of topics makes Rethinking Leadership appropriate for those who work in all types of organizations. The structure is conducive to networking, with discussion and activities built into each session.

Mireles is the longtime director of the Omega School, an alternative for those looking to complete their high school education. He is also Madison’s poet laureate. In his keynote speech, “Walking the Talk May Not Be What You Think It Is,” he will inspire attendees to find a unique path to leadership based on their own strengths and interests.

“Leadership opportunities are everywhere, in so many different moments in our lives,” says Mireles, who will be introduced by Neil Heinen, editorial director of WISC-TV and Madison Magazine. “Leaders lead with purpose and passion, so they should make sure their purpose is honorable and their passion makes room for others to participate.”

Beth Bovis
Beth Bovis will explain ‘How Teams Can Have the Right Fight.’

A one-day immersion

Rethinking Leadership includes many other prominent speakers, such as Beth Bovis, a partner at the global management consultancy A.T. Kearney, who will explain “How Teams Can Have the Right Fight.” Nelson Soler, founder of the Multicultural Entrepreneurial Institute, will outline “The Paradox and Practice of Servant Leadership.” Mark Richardson, president of the consulting company Unfinished Business, will shed light on “Talent Acquisition Today.”

“Leaders have limited opportunities for training, and Rethinking Leadership offers a one-day immersion,” says Page. “The affordable price encourages attendance by teams, whose members can split up and cover the full range of topics.”

For more information about Rethinking Leadership: Insights and Application of New Perspectives, see here or contact Laura V. Page at laura.page@wisc.edu, 608-890-3627.