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Returning to school as an adult student can be challenging. Consider the responsibilities you have as an adult – and then add school to that list. But as our nontraditional students at UW–Madison tell us, going back to college can be full of personal and professional rewards.

As we close out 2021, we’re looking back at what we learned about continuing education this year. Take this quiz to see what you may have learned – and here’s to educational success in 2022!

Continuing education quiz

Returning adult college students are students who have had a break in their education due to:
According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, in Wisconsin, how many people have earned some college credit but no degree?
While balancing adult responsibilities like family and career, what can you do to help make your academic journey a little easier?
Setting yourself up for success when returning to school as an adult student should include:
Aside from a traditional bachelor’s degree, other continuing education options for returning adult students are:
What should you do to prepare to return to school after a break from higher education?
What continuing education funding options are available for returning adult students?
If you don’t get in to your first-choice college, consider:
As you return to school, be sure to scope out the following support resources at your institution:
If you are thinking about continuing your education, UW–Madison Continuing Studies can help you:

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Moira Kelley, educational counselor, UW–Madison Continuing Studies

We at UW–Madison Adult Career and Special Student Services would like to thank all our returning adult students for their perseverance, dedication, resilience and brilliance in 2021. And to those of your considering a return to school in 2022, you can do it!

The Lifelong Learner is a monthly feature written by UW–Madison’s Continuing Studies staff. Moira Kelley, an educational counselor, can be reached at moira.kelley@wisc.edu. This article first appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal.