Making a New Year’s resolution

After the famous ball drops on Dec. 31, will you make a New Year’s resolution?

At Continuing Studies, Christine DeSmet, the instructor of the online course, “Screenplay: Write Your First Draft Fast,” says:

“I’ve committed to finishing the first draft of a Christmas screenplay for television by March 1, 2012. Then I’ll use the rest of the spring to polish and pitch to producers. Maybe I’ll have “Christmas in July” with a sale! “

Noncredit classes from Continuing Studies can give you some ideas as you plan a resolution for the next 12 months. There’s a huge selection of international language classes if you want to discover a new culture and communicate in a different language.

Or if you want to get your heart pounding or your muscles stretching, you may choose to enroll in t’ai chi,  ballroom dance (no partner needed), qi gong, tap dance, or something not-so-common like hip hop dance or Latin dance/salsa.

Music is another art that adults often enjoy returning to or exploring for the first time. Think about adding guitar, dulcimer or bluegrass banjo lessons to your week. Or what about listening to the great composers and realizing how and why some compositions were written?

If you rather create a resolution about your career, Continuing Studies has professional development workshops for you, too. Spruce up your resume after studying business writing, interpersonal communication or publication and Web design.

You can make your 2012 distinctive with an adventurous choice. What learning resolution will you make to assure that the New Year will be an inspiring one?