Counselor delights in work with older adults

Danielle Pollex-Rabl works as a counselor for people from all walks of life and of all ages in Portage—a job she absolutely loves. But she admits that working with individuals over the age of 60 is especially rewarding.

“Older people have so much wisdom to share, because they’ve had so many experiences,” Danielle explains. Because of these rich experiences, Danielle has spent many years learning about mental health concerns of the older generation, including recently earning a Certificate in Mental Health and the Older Adult from UW-Madison Continuing Studies.

From all her studying and professional experience, she wants everyone to remember one key point:

“Depression and other mental health issues are not a normal part of aging.”

She says: “I want children who are caring for their older parents to know this; I want older men and women who meet with their friends to understand this and to be watchful for their friends’ moods. All of us need to encourage older adults to seek help if they are struggling.”