Academic Staff Award-winner: nearly 30 years of leading professional development programs

Ann Whitaker, program manager for UW-Madison Continuing Studies, is known for her attention to detail, interpersonal skills, and excellent outcomes. These are among the many reasons why this spring she received the Wisconsin Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Leadership for the College, School, or Larger University Community.

For nearly three decades Whitaker has directed programs and workshops in topics ranging from clinical supervision, ethics, and stress management to working with self-destructive adolescents and keeping up to date on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). More recently she has worked with UW’s School of Medicine and other partners to develop and coordinate the certificate program in Infant, Early Childhood, and Family Mental Health.

Whitaker was nominated for the award by her Continuing Studies colleague Suzanna Waters Castillo, faculty associate. “Ann has championed the development and implementation of outstanding continuing education programs in child and adolescent mental health,” Castillo said. “Actively networking with key stakeholders, her hands-on approach to program management has impacted thousands of professionals from Wisconsin and surrounding states.”

Developing relationships with adult students “who return year after year” has been very rewarding, Whitaker said, and “mentoring new staff in my department” has been most meaningful in the last year.”

Congratulations to Ann for her many years of continual excellence!

We also want to send our best wishes to Ann who will retire later this spring.