A true lifelong learner: Continuing Studies staff member is a winning artist

Merikay Payne exemplifies the lifelong learner that UW-Madison Continuing Studies is tailor-made for. Besides working as a designer of brochures, catalogs, and other marketing materials for Continuing Studies, she is an award-winning (and money-making) artist.

After earning a two-year degree in commercial art from Madison College and a second bachelor’s degree, this time in art from UW-Madison (her first degree was in journalism), she has been honored with winning the design competition sponsored this spring by Madison Magazine.

Payne attributes a good part of her success to completing several Continuing Studies art classes where she learned more about selling her work and where she met many working artists. In the last few years, Payne has taught a Continuing Studies art class.

To learn about Payne’s  journey through UW-Madison school of journalism, motherhood, Madison College, a second bachelor’s degree, and onto producing winning art, read the article in Madison Magazine.