Faculty and Academic Staff

Note: This list is alphabetical by last name. Programming areas are listed after contact information. All area codes are 608.

Department Chair

Narra Smith Cox, Professor and Chair

Faculty and Staff

Auerbach, Emily, Professor
262-3733, Email: eauerbach@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: Literature

Bowles, Chelcy, Professor
265-5629, Email: cbowles@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: Music, Educational Videotapes, Madison Early Music Festival

Chandarana, Sharad, Faculty Associate
262-2152, Email: schandarana@dcs.wisc.edu
Program area: Independent Learning in Science

DeSmet, Chris, Faculty Associate
262-3447, Email: cdesmet@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: Writing, Write By The Lake, Writers' Critique Service

Goellner, Sage, Faculty Associate
262-4873, Email: sgoellner@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: Languages, Independent learning

Greenberg, Laurie, Senior Development Specialist
263-6735, Email: lgreenberg@dcs.wisc.edu
Program area: Odyssey

Henke, Jamie, Faculty Associate
263-6822, Email: jhenke@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: Music, Online Learning

Janson, Maureen, Faculty Associate
263-8927, Email: mjanson@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: Dance

Kirsch, Jeff, Faculty Associate
262-3428, Email: jkirsch@dcs.wisc.edu
Program area: Spanish Independent Learning

Marty, Sarah, Associate Faculty Associate
263-2790, Email: smarty@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: School of the Arts, Theatre, Summer Drama Institute

Nelson, Leslee, Professor
263-7814, Email: lnelson@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: Visual Arts, Wisconsin Regional Art Program

Ng, Alan, Faculty Associate
265-9529, Email: ang@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: German for Reading Knowledge, Music

Noguera, Antonio, Faculty Associate
262-5929, Email: anoguera@dcs.wisc.edu
Program area: Spanish classes, Business Language Certificate Program

Scheer, Laurie, Associate Faculty Associate
265-3972, Email: lscheer@dcs.wisc.edu
Program area: Writing, Online Writing, Annual Writers' Institute

Schulenburg, Jane, Professor
262-8663, Email: jschulenburg@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: History, Medieval history travel tours

Tarnoff, Lynn, Outreach Program Manager
890-1424, Email: ltarnoff@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: School of the Arts at Rhinelander

Whittle, Doug, Faculty Associate
263-7787, Email: dwhittle@dcs.wisc.edu
Program areas: Educational travel