Wisconsin Regional Art Program: Guidelines

  1. Select a workshop. Complete your ONLINE ENTRY. Bring $30 with artwork. Make check payable to the sponsoring group of that workshop.
  2. The workshop may be canceled if less than 20 people send in their entry blanks. You may enter as many workshops as you like. On the day your artworks are due, bring your work to the exhibit site at the time indicated. Be sure to attach an identification label to each piece. The entry fee covers exhibiting two to three artworks, depending on space of venue, plus participation in the workshop. You may bring guests to the workshop for $5.00 each. Pick up your artwork at the end of the workshop day.
  3. The program is open to NONPROFESSIONAL artists and craftspeople. Each artist determines for themselves if they are non-professional. Professional means supporting yourself solely with your art. Artists ages 14 and older are eligible to enter.
  4. All work must be ORIGINAL in concept and design. It must have been done by the person signing it. Copies of other artwork, copyrighted photographs or patterns cannot be accepted. No decorated kits or are acceptable. Paintings made as copies during a teacher's demonstration are not eligible. Work must have been completed within the last 2 years.
  5. All paintings, graphics and photographs must be dry, framed and ready to hang (including wires side to side on the back). No tension devices will be accepted in place of frames (they break). Any wall-hung sculpture or crafts must be ready with necessary hanging devices. Carefully pack small or fragile items. UW-MADISON AND THE WORKSHOP SPONSORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES OR LOSS OF YOUR WORK. You must provide your own insurance if desired.
  6. Enter up to 3 works in ANY media: PAINTING: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor GRAPHICS: Drawing, Prints, Pastel SCULPTURE: Any Material, Mixed-Media CRAFTS: Clay, Wood, Metal, Fiber, Paper PHOTOGRAPHY: Black and White, Color, Digital: print or photograph. No giclee reproductions of paintings.
  7. Some workshops may need to limit the number of entries shown due to space constraints.
  8. Content of art should be appropriate for a general audience. The venue, working with the regional coordinator, reserves the right to refuse art depicting seriously offensive subject matter.