WRAP/WRAA Annual Art Exhibition and State Day Conference

Thanks to all that made this year's conference a great success!

Congratulations to these twelve artists who will make up the 2017-2018 WRAP Exhibition in Agriculture Hall on the UW campus.

John Bittner, Bryggen, Norway (pictured below)
Lia Scherwinski, Torso and Pelvis, Side View (pictured below)
Jill Jensen, Elemental Forms, Arches National Park
Rachel Pavlic, On The Way To Madison
Jimmy Yanny, Masked Booby
Amber Pipkorn, A New Life
Dan Sivek, Arbor Light
Elizabeth Clayton, Ancient Black Bird Of Wisdom (pictured below)
Colette Girard, Fuzz
Audrey Wilde, Pink Passion
Alice Blue, Lillies
Gail McCoy, Oasis

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A big thank you to Rebecca Bock over at Agricultural Hall for keeping this show an ongoing WRAP tradition.

2018 Annual Art Exhibition and State Day Conference

State Day Conference Sep 21-22, 2018
2018 Annual Art Exhibition Aug 17-Sep 22, 2018
Art drop off at Pyle Center TBD (approximately Aug 3-4)
More details will be posted by June 5, 2018

Thank you to our sponsors

  • Wisconsin Regional Artist Association: Sponsoring art transport from Madison, Color Exhibition catalog, Tiny Treasures, STAMP, and funding for Award Ceremony
  • Center for the Visual Arts
  • Wisconsin Valley Art Association
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