Tuition and fee information

Tuition rates for fall 2017 are posted at:  Use the "student career" drop down menu to find your student type (for example, Special) and then determine tuition based on your residency status.  

Capstone Certificate (UNCS) students should check with their program coordinator for any changes in tuition. You can find a list of Capstone programs at Advance Your Career.     

Registrar's Official Document Fee
If you have never been enrolled as a student on the UW-Madison campus, you will be required to pay the one-time $65 registrar's Official Document Fee (your official transcript is an example of an official document covered by this fee).  This fee will be included with your semester tuition bill.

Read more about the new document fee and contact the Registrar's Office with questions:  

Note: Senior guest auditors (UGSR) and formal exchange students (UNIS) are not required to pay this fee.  Guest auditors (UGST) who have tuition waived based on SSI or SSDI will not be subject to this fee.

International Student Services (ISS) fee
F-1 or J-1 visa holders, including University Special students in the programs UNES, UNCS, UIUL, UIGL, and UIDL, will be assessed a fee of $100 each term of enrollment (fall, spring, and summer).  This fee pays for the services and support provided by the ISS office and will be included with your semester tuition bill. Please see the ISS webpage for more information regarding this fee and contact the ISS office with any questions.