Financial Assistance

If you’re a returning adult student with a significant break in your education, Adult Career and Special Student Services can provide you with financial aid information.

Adult Student Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

You may be eligible for scholarships, grants, and awards specifically designed for nontraditional and returning adult students:

UW-Madison Financial Assistance

UW-Madison's Office of Student Financial Aid: Services are available to all undergraduate and graduate students, including returning adults. Some Special nondegree students admitted by Adult Career and Special Student Services are eligible for federal financial aid. Contact or call 608-262-3060.

Graduate School Funding: Information on fellowships is available through the Graduate School Fellowships Office (608-262-5837). Graduate students should contact academic departments for information about fellowships and assistantships.

Child Care Assistance: The Child Care Tuition Assistance Program (CCTAP) assists eligible low-income student parents with childcare costs while they attend UW-Madison.

Grants Information Collection at the UW-Madison Memorial Library: The collection provides information on scholarships, fellowships, and grants, as well as literature on proposal-writing, fundraising, nonprofit management, and philanthropy. Non-students may obtain a day pass to access this information.

McBurney Disability Resource Center: Scholarships may be available for undergraduate, graduate, or professional students with a disability. Contact or call 608-263-2741.

Tax Credit for Education

Lifetime Learning Tax Credit (LLC) is for adults who want to go back to school, change careers or upgrade skills by taking a course or two. 

American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) is a for qualified education expenses paid for the first four years of higher education (pursuing a degree or qualified certificate).  Maximum annual credit of $2500 per eligible student.

Additional Tax Credit information:

Web Resources for Financial Assistance and Adult Students

Trusted search sites for scholarships:

U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid information: 

Web resources for returning adult students: